"True Lies" The Lost Childhood of a Liar and Denier
The truth behind Yehuda Nir's "Lost" Childhood

In 1989 Julian Grünfeld, now called Yehuda Nir, published the ‘award–winning true story’ of his Lost Childhood. He referred to it as his memoirs, but eyewitness accounts, including his own mother and sister, dispute his story every step of the way! He claimed to have escaped the Nazis in Poland; to have joined the underground resistance (using the name Julek Hebowicz) and fought in Warsaw´s sewers; he claims that the family that provided his family with refuge did not know they were Hebraic.

    All eye witness accounts, from the family that rescued him to his own family, and all documented evidence, from the Polish Underground Army Archives to the Israeli Yad Vashem Martyrs´ and Heroes´ Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem, contradict Nir´s recollections.

At this site you will find an interview by Dr Töben with David Brockschmidt, whose family saved the Grünfelds from the Nazis — in full knowledge that they were Hebraic! You will find all the documented evidence from Yad Vashem Martyrs´ and Heroes´ Remembrance Authority which is in charge of collecting survivors´ evidence. It awarded the Brockschmidt family with certificates and medals for their bravery in saving Hebraic lives in World War Two! You will find photographic proof that the Grünfelds were neither
locked up in concentration camps nor hiding in sheds or sewers. Yehuda´s survivor–guilt complex gives him no rest. He projects upon his protector the role of enemy.

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Dr Töben´s Interview
with Mr David Brockschmidt

The Incredible Childhood of Yehuda Nir

A Photo Record of the Truth!

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David Brockschmidt article
(above)  Heinrich and Herta Brockschmidt
with the  Israeli Ambassador, Mr Meroz

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