Welcome to Gundam Wing Memorial

Welcome to Gundam Wing Memorial
"It's okay to go crazy. That's what war is about." - Master O

03.01.01 - I added several fanfics to the fanworks section. There was one submission for reasons why you adore Heero. There should be more coming, possibly more downloads and a new layout for the main page.

NEWS 02.23.01 - Sorry everyone, I haven't been able to update in quite a while. I've been very busy. I'll be updating the site right away as soon as I read over all my mail. I'll put up fanart, fanfiction, character opinions, and others. I'll also be announcing who gets the EXCELLENCE AWARD after a long wait. Again I'm sorry for the large delay and I'll work my butt off to get this site up to your expectancies.

11.14.00 - I finally finished updating today. I fixed up the broken links for in the image section and I added some fanwork so check it out. I'm planning on replacing the old graphics with some new ones to spice up the page. If you have any questions or comments e-mail me. Thanks!

10.16.00 - I'm back and I'm ready to update. If I find that this site no longer attracts any visitors then I will no longer update. I'll see what happens within the next month and I go on from there. I hope I can catch up with everything since I haven't updated for more than a month. Make sure you visit again soon when I make a big update to this site!

NEWS 09.05.00 - Since I will be very busy, due to school and other activities, I will not be able to update this site temporarily. I will not shut it down and please do not send any e-mail relating to this page until further notice. Thanks for your cooperation.

08.24.00 - Here's the semi-big update of the week. I've added a few opinions to several of the profiles. I added chapter 3 of "The End Town". Along with that I added a new fanfic. If you want to know what it is then check out the fanwork section. That's basically it. If I haven't added anything that was submitted to me, I'm sorry. I I didn't get the time to finish everything. I'll get back to it when I get back from Virginia.

08.10.00 - I've added two fanarts done by Wufei. I know that there are a few more talented artists out there, so send in your drawings. Thanks MantisBoy8 for sending in your opinions on Trowa which I have added to his profile. Arigato minna, for all your support.
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08.09.00 - The awards section is now back online. I'm only giving out one award so far, which is shown below. If you would like to apply for it please visit the 'Win An Award' link.

Anime Excellence Award

08.06.00 - The profiles are now updated with a whole new layout and 'some' new info. I plan on adding the " Why I Like 'Character' " section for each member of the cast. Opinions are freely accepted so e-mail me with yours. Both negative and positive will be added. Along with that I hope to add more info that catches the readers eye, which I'm still thinking of.

08.05.00 - Look at the new layout. I hope everyone likes it. Most of the pages have been changed. I don't want to make this to long so here's a brief summary of what was updated. The updates as you know see are on this page. The images gallery has no new images but the whole layout for that is updated with a new floating frame. The character profile index is also updated wuth just the layout but I do plan on adding a whole big section for each character about history and all that kind of stuff. The downloads section now has winamp skins created by yours truly. Fanwork is regularly updated as usual along with the links. That wasn't short, ne? Gomen for the 'long' summary.

08.03.00 - Wahoo! Finally I finished making the Winamp skins. You can find them in the download section. For all you Heero and Duo fans I do plan on making a skin for them along with every other couple and maybe a few group skins. Since these are some of the first ones that I have made please send feedback or even suggestions as to what couple you would like next. You may take them and use them personally but please do not distribute them without notifying me. Arigato and enjoy!

07.23.00 - I actually got my links page up with two new banners which are pretty niftly. Didn't take me much time but they're good. I do plan on making an animated GIF. Maybe that may help me attract visitors to this site. So don't forget to send me an e-mail if you do link to GWM so I can link back to you in return.

07.18.00 - The profile may seem dull but with a sypnosis on each character the pages will hopefully grab attention. As for the recent update all I did was as new images of the Gundam boys. If there is anyone who would like to submit opinions about characters or anything else please e-mail me.