April 24, 2004
My day: woke up early, chinese school, lunch, computer, homework, piano, computer, dinner, and.. computer =]    That's pretty much my sad ass Saturday. Nothing to do. Only Friendster, AsianAvenue & MSN. Jaydee showed me where to download the Haduri program. Yay =)    I took a couple of new pics and I have 4 new ones up at Friendster =]

[rant] I seriously CANNOT stand it anymore!! I'm gonna frikkin explode! UGGH!! But as a calm humantarian, I will not mention any names as who is involved. Now first off, the hardest thing to see is to see the one you love, love someone else. Cheee-ck. Secondly, to keep my angry uncontrollable emotions down, I will just say that, I dislike her because of Alex's quote and from the word BUK GOO. Third, I don't think it's quite fair because I am battling a lost fight. I think I'll just rant to my friends as well.[/rant]

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Friday, April 23, 2004
Bleh, kinda late right now. School day was alright. Day 4 again. Uggh. Geography was.. clumsy-ish? Hahaha, math was definitely fun. I sat beside Gary since Patty took my spot and we were talking about Wonderland, playing coin games and being weird? Right, hahaha. English was, scary. But Nina let me borrow her TFS sweater (the white one), I like it =)    Gym was SO UGGH. My back still hurts like crazy, making me not able to bend down properly and normally. So I couldn't really slide for the birdie >___<    Had a supply for french and science was boring. BLARGH.

Since today is a fridayyyy, that means I have chinese school tomorrow. And I'm still kinda doing my chinese homework -____-"    Oh well. I came home and spent most of my day on the computer. More specifically, AsianAvenue and Friendster. Lalalala, well.. I'm gonna go chat the night away? Or something like that? Hahaha, right. Or play some Survival Project! Yeah =]

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Thursday, April 22, 2004
Uggh, school was so bad today. First off, piss off geography supply teacher, math was hella boring, another supply teacher for english. Mind you, how can you learn english from someone who can barely speak it? I was like, teaching him instead of him teaching me. Sad. Well, Ari got in trouble with that class and I had to take care of his camcorder =)    After english class, I was going out and the door shut on my finger. Coincidently, my middle finger. It's always the middle finger.

Lunch was good, I guess. I was studying for french while eating. I am now part of the juice box clan with Natalie. But sadly, the only group members are us two. Hahaha. Gym was so #$&@-ed up. The gym teacher made us run 3 laps around the soccer field, then badminton. I couldn't hit the birdie for beans. Ummm, I think I did alright on the french test. I know for sure that I made one mistake on the B section. Damn, hope I did good. Science was so boring -_____-"    But after, it was work time and I saw my friend's shirt and it was from FCUK. Hahaha, it was funny. It went like, "If you love something, let it go free. If it doesn't come back, who gives a fcuk." I want that shirt. Oh well, hahaha, my mom would've been like =__=

sexay, dont you think? LOL xD Oooo la la, what's this? Giyeon's back! Incredibly sad, I know. But Alex and I just love his back to bits. *Cough*. And Freda's supposed to love it too, but she "decided" (?) to be cold and take back what she said. Hahaha. La dee dah, I found a lot a people on Friendster and AsianAvenue today. Yay! =) Well, must eating my mentos and possibly go grad dress shopping? Hmmm, my mom's free today. Must find one soon. Oh yeah, almost forgot, HAPPY EARTH DAY! =D

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004
My school was actually okay. The geography assignments our class got assigned were postponed =)    Ummm, french test tomorrow on futur simple, well.. more like 'quiz'. I really didn't like the supply teacher today for math -_____-"    DT was ok, lunch was hilarious. I kept telling Natalie to take pics of Giyeon with her digicam =)    They were all side views though. Oh well. Now I have to do my geography work before Nat deletes them =P    Aside from that, gym was.. odd, english was good, I guess. And for drama, we actually got through the script. Well, probably only because Salma was doing Dan's part (he's the main character). Hopefully there won't be anymore "Mr.Mason keeps yelling at us" classes.

Phew, I finally did the fitness challenge for swimming. Hahaha, our group kept cheating. We did a lot of situation things in class, hahaha. It was so fun. Hmmm, I just realized we didn't do any spinals today. Strange. Anyway, I think I'm gonna start typing in capitals where needed now =P    Bleh, I'm gonna chat with Justin now. Need to help him, he's worried about his "lo por". Haiz... and also listen to music and whatnot =)

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004
BLEH, am i finally done this ugly page? -_____-"    oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TISH!!! anywayyyy, let's blog. i mean, me.. err, i. i'll blog. hahaha. today was pretty fun. for english we had a talker come in to teach us shakesperean (sp?) language and stuffy. hahahaha, i love this line "more of your conversation infects my brain". DRY. drama was.. -_______-"    well, i was playing with make-up for like, 5 mins and then i stopped to pay attention. there's also good news and bad news. good - our class almost got through the script. bad - a couple of guys drew guys' "AHEM" on the photocopier and he kicked the thing and.. now it needs to be fixed. oh yay =__=;;    i have a feeling i'll be part of the "i am innocent and didn't do anything bad but unfortunately i have to fix the photocopier" group. BLARGH.

nat and i finished our in class GIS stuff, and lunch was odd. uggh, i was dying in gym today. i cannot run anymore. i am so fat and unfit. and i did really bad in badminton today >__<    dt was okay and science was boring. fuckkkk.. i got my period again, somehow. it must be all the stupid stress -____-;    damn piano. and i have swimming tomorrow? =____=; oh man, francis gonna be pissed. hopefully it'll stop before my classes. gotta study too, we have a quiz or test next class.

ah crap, having pressure right now. all these people want me to ask giyeon out to the dance. uggh, he's so mean these days. damn i don't even know if i'm gonna go to the grad dance either. i haven't picked out my grad dress yet. BLAH i'm late. well anyway, i'm gonna go listen to dream lemonlime now, and.. try to find a host or something? =P

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rightnow Date: April 24th
Time: 9:52pm
Food/Drink: nothing
Weather: windy?
Music: Usher - Burn
Watching: nothing
Talking to: no one
Chatting with: Vinny & Jaydee
Craving: to get a nice pink grad dress =]
Obsession: se7en
Hating: nothing
Wearing: sky blue TH tee with sweater over with capris
Make-Up: soft black eyeliner & lipgloss
Surfing: AsianAvenue
Thinking of: blehhhh


ah... -_____-"

April 2004
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[17] Chinese report cards


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