1. Judaea-Palestina-Israel Coinage

Coinage of Ancient Judaea: reference guide to the coinage of ancient Judaea.

Judaean Coins: Historical Background.

Menorah Coin Proyect: a vast project consisting of a die by die indexing, classification and representation of Biblical coins..

Coins of the British Mandate of Palestine: a brief history of Palestine and a numismatic chronology (I'm not responsible for their political opinions!).

The Israel Museum - Numismatic Pavilion: Jerusalem Through Coins.

Bank of Israel's catalogues: A site with detailed information and images on all Israeli and Anglo-Palestinian Coins and Banknotes.

Kol Israel: Live Radio, News and Sports from Israel.

2. General information about coins

Grading rules: a very useful source for describe the condition of coins.

World Coin Identifier Page: some common coins which can be difficult to identify
and their countries of origin.

List of Central Banks: a very useful source for acquiring information on national currency.

History of Money: a chronology and a collection of essays on monetary history.

Eurocoins: have a look at the coins which had been issued on January 1, 2002.

Metals Used in Coins and Medals: a note on the various metals that have been used
for coins and medals over the centuries.

Cronaca dictionary: the main numismatic terms in five different languages: Italian,
French, English, German and Spanish.

Coin Collecting - FAQ: All what you need to know about numismatics.

Glossary of Numismatic Terms: more about numismatic slang.

3. Lists of coin collectors

Steve's Traders Page: a very good list of coin collectors.

Circulated World Coin Collector Resources: an extensive list of coins collectors.

Coins Collectors Page: Some other collectors.

David's Page: the best link to coin collectors.

The Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club: an extensive list of bi-metallic coin images
from Countries A to Z.

4. Tools for the Web's coins collector

The Universal Currency Converter: Cross-converts a lot of exotic currencies.

OANDA 164 Currencies Converter: a currency converter with even more exotic currencies.

Numeral Systems: historical background of various notational systems which have been
or are being used to represent quantities (numbers).

The Hebrew Alphabet: numerical values, coins dating and the conversion from Hebrew
calendar to Christian calendar.

Roman Numerals: History and use of seven letters of the alphabet as numerals.

Roman date and numeral: conversion table and roman calculator.

Roman converter: an excellent date and roman numeral converter.

Date conversion chart: equivalences of dates 1900 to 2002.

Arabic Numeral System: History and use of arabic numbers.

Dating modern Japanese coins: basic information on numbers used in dating Japanese coins.

The 2001 World Factbook: a lot of information about all of us and our countries from
the "Big Brother", the Central Intelligence Agency.

United Nations: List of Permanent Missions, Organizations, Entities, and Non-Member States Maintaining Permanent Observer Missions to the United Nations.

Autonomy, Secession, Independence and Nationalist Movements: Information about minorities
(only some of them...).

World Population: Check out this link for the current population of Earth.

English-Spanish Dictionary: a lot of people don't speak english....and others don't speak spanish.

Tips for Scanning Coins: step by step instructions for creating scanned coin images
suitable for the Web.


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