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The inside of my Hotel room, at the VOSHOD Hotel in Moscow Russia, February 2007.

VOSHOD Hotel(Shown at Right) - Moscow, Russia. February 2007.
This is where I stayed while in Moscow.

Here is a little bit about myself, without going into my personal life. My name is Michael Davidson, I am currently 23 years old and living in South Alabama. I originally made this web site for past reasons that I will not go into, but now, I have a rekindled desire to see this site up and running. I have been interested in Russia, its language and culture for 3 years. It wasn`t until recently, February 4th through the 25th of this year, being 2007, that I had the opportunity to go there, see someone whom I love very much(the most important part), and experience a cultural place that I had only read and watched about. Now, I have a little knowhow, and I want to share my experience, and my understanding with you. I do intend to go back to Russia, for odvious reasons. I hope you like this site, and I hope that you continue to support what I have going here...."Thank You my Darling... You are my Strength"...

Michael Davidson. 2007.

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Russian Culture Today

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Information, travel and sightseeing tips for cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kostroma and Yaroslavl

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   Education Systems   

Here you will find how the education of Russian people differ, how the people there are tought and how the education of Russia is changing in a modern world.

   The Arts and Industries   

From Historical Buildings, to the principal of its economy, click here to see how it all works.

   How People Live There   

Shopping. Places to go and things to see and do. The life style of many russian people away from work.

   Russian Government   

This link will provide information on Russia`s goverment and legislation system. How regions are governed, how laws are made, who does what, when and where.

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The food that is served in Russia.      The story of my trip to Russia in February of 2007!      The religions and churches that occupy Russia.

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