Meeting Places

    There are several different meeting places that Girls Scouts in our town use.  Your age level coordinator and the Service Unit Manager will help you find a place to meet.

Upper Saddle River Library-  To meet at the library, you must complete an application.  This application will ask you for your meeting day, time, and dates.  The town leaves a $25 security check and a certificate of insurance (council insurance) for all troops who meet in the library.  Your troop will be charged if you do not leave the room like you found it.  Make sure you leave the meeting room clean.  Cover all tables before doing a craft and make sure that the floor and carpet are tidy.

Bergen Highlands Methodist Church-  This church has been kind enough to lend their rooms to several Girl Scout Troops over the years.  Please leave everything as clean as you found it.

Private Homes-  Many leaders with smaller troops prefer to meet in their own home of those of other troop members.  This is fine, especially if you have a small group and if you are working on badges that are easy to do at home (cooking, etc...).

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