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Chen, Qi (917)501-8159 New York, NY
Gao, Lixin (413)545-4548 (O) Amherst, MA
Gong, Yue Nanjing, China
Guo, Li (8610)6262 6705 (O) Beijing, China
He, Sanxiong (312)782-1932 ext 41 (O) Chicago, IL
Luo, Liqun (650)723-6645 (O) Palo Alto, CA
Su, Kai (704)522-3029 (O) Charlotte, NC
Wang, Lijun (609) 951-2682 (O) Princeton, NJ
Wang, Yongmei ?? ?? Memphis, TN
Wen, Pingshan (972)405-3162 (O) Richardson, TX
Wu, Chang-Hong (408)745-2056 (O) Sunnyvale, CA
Yan, Ming ?? ?? New York, NY
Yang, Qun ?? (212)468-3771 (O) New York, NY
Yang, Zhongxia Nanjing, China
Ye, Danzhao (313)587-3628 Dearborn, MI
Zhang, Bing (302)886-3727 (O) Hockessin, DE
Zhang, Hui (631)632-8492 (O) Stony Brook, NY
Zhang, Xiaolin (315)469-3718 Syracuse, NY
Zhou, Yifeng N/A (852)26670373 ext 217 (O) Hong Kong

I will not continue to update this page due to privacy concerns, but I still keep in touch with most of the people in USTC810. If you are looking for any of the people here, feel free to send me email, and I will be happy to see if I can help you. USTC810ers, please send new/updated information to me. Thank you.

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