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Welcome to my fanfic page!  Within the last few years, I have become an avid (though not psychotic) x-phile, and have come to enjoy reading fanfiction written by people like me.  I discovered early on that fanfic is also a rewarding creative outlet for those bitten by the writing bug.  Thus, I dedicate this page to all sucessful and grammatical fanfic writers out there. ***

The stories included on this page are dedicated to the proposition that Mulder and Scully belong together.  Posted are those I have authored as well as several by many great fanfic authors whom I have admired.  All stories are posted with the author's consent, and none may be copied without the same. 
None are gratuitously sexual or violent in nature and all warnings are clearly posted. 

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*** I must say that I detest bad grammar, spelling, and syntax.  However, I have no intention of correcting the works of other authors, so all stories stand or topple as they are.