Hello dear friend and welcome! Isn`t that a beautiful picture on the right?:) You can call me Tuff  Guy. I was born in Kursk, Russia and in 1994 immigrated to New York City, USA. I created this website in 2001 for a couple of reasons.
First of all , I think why I built my own website is for fun, second is to meet  a new people and to share some usefull information with others. On my webpage  you will find  a links to other cool pages  like many Photo  Albums, funny pictures, jokes and other interesting  stuff.  80% of images you`ll see here I made  myself because digital photography is one of my interests and my interests are varied from digital photography to anything that stimulates my neurons:) However, I will add more fresh photos when I`ll find time to do so. So don`t forget to stop by later and check it out.So if you still interested in this, let adventure begin...... if not..... I`m very sorry but it`s ok .  And please, find a minute to sigh my Guest Book. Thank you in advence! And thank you for visiting my Page, I hope you will find some usefull stuff here and will come back again, because don`t forget , I will add some more cool stuff. Some people come into our lives and quickly go... Some people stay awhile... and leave footprints on our hearts... And we are never, ever the same. Good Luck!
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