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Don't worry, I'm not going to tell the whole story since I was born. Humankind don't deserve something like this.
I'm going to begin at the begining, but the one when I'm really concious about a lot of things (better later, when I'm 28, than never)
The last 26th septembre 2003 I gave up my job in Madrid. I've really enjoyed the company and esperience of colleages, bosses and friends overthere. And I feel lucky to meet them in my professional and personal life.
The reason why I began to make this web was the fact of dropping out my job in Madrid and start off again going abroad (begining in Ireland) and look for another motivations, another experiences, another ways and, definitively, another way of life. And I hope to share this web with all of you.

This webpage has just been born, so you might not find much contents. But I'll feed it from time to time to show all that people I love my adventures and misfortunes abroad.

Thank you all and welcome.

[Last update: 28 March 2004 ]

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