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The University of TX (at Austin) Equestrian Team is a group of riders at all levels competing huntseat equitation in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. What makes this competition unique is that we do not show on our own horses, they are provided by the host college. For instance, if we go to Texas A&M for a competition, we draw a horses' name out of a cup, get on that horse and go strait into the show ring. There is no time to get used to the horse!! There are classes over fences and on the flat. This kind of competition is excellent for anyone seriously interested in improving their riding skills.

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Horse Show Results
  • West Texas A&M University: February 16-17, 2001
  • Louisiana State University: February 3rd, 2001
  • Texas A&M University: December 2, 2000
  • Oklahoma State University: October 21-22, 2000

  • 08.09.01 UTET History of National and International Placings
  • 08.07.01 2001-2002 Schedule
  • 03.26.01 Stephanie is on her way to Nationals with her second place finish at Zones!
  • 02.06.01 Added horse show results and updated the points page.
  • 12.08.00 Overall update of the webpage. Congrats to Caryn for her 4th place in Walk/Trot at Nationals 2000 in Georgia!

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