My NB Screenshots

Welcome to my miserable excuse for a page 2.0! ^_^

Ok, so we've got:
Some logout messages:

Some other funny stuff:

last updated 1/14/2004


For those of you who don't know much about New Bremen, these screen shots were all collected from the online moderated chats on the white wolf homepage. I spend a decent amount of time in the fictional town of New Bremen, ic home of the moderated chats. A lot of sillyness finds its way onto the chats along with the serious rping and I've collected quite a bunch of screenshots of both. ^_^ Anyway, I hope you enjoy them. If you see something you said and you really don't want it up on my page, please just ask me and I'll take it off.

So, this page hasn't been updated in about a year, and New Bremen is about to go the way of the dodo (except with more antideluvians and fireworks). I'm not sure I'll ever finish updating with the 1000 odd quotes I've collected, but I may find time some time this summer. Drop me an email if you care one way or the other.

Btw, I believe that at least some of this material is copyrighted by White Wolf since it all came from their chats.... ;_; hopefuly they won't come after me for trying to provide a little humor to everyone on the chats and off... *begs the ww people* please don't kill me... I'm a good person and I buy lots of your books... ;_;