Welcome! Since a resume can't tell you everything there is to know about my experiences, I've created this site to offer a little insight. Please feel free to download my resume, read about my experiences, or shoot me an email. Thanks so much for your interest.

In high school, I took college level art courses in studio art, in which I painted and drew. I was also selected to have two consecutive one year scholarships to the Glassell School of Art in Houston for photography. We concentrated on composition of photos, as well as hand developing film and manually producing black and white prints. Senior year I was asked to be the Art Club President, and I accepted. My responsiblilites included keeping track of all IB art students' supplies, helping to organize extra curricular art time, helping to produce documents needed for the art department, and keeping spirits up and students productive. I also spent time in the art department during underclass periods and helped to teach students the skills they would need to succeed in art. I am also a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts. In high school, I earned my Silver Award and spent time working with troops as a mentor and teaching kids about camping and the outdoors.

In college, I took a vast variety of courses. For my major related courses, I concentrated on literature, writing, grammar and linguistics to improve my writing and editing skills. I chose my minor in sociology because I am fascinated by human behavior and why people choose to do the things they do. Besides my major and minor, I took classes in Java and XML (which included some Cascading Style Sheets). I was interested in these classes because I had taken two years of C++ in high school and had enjoyed programming. It's not something I would want to do full time, but I enjoy learning new things and facing challenges. My interest in programming lead to a desire to understand computer hardware and networking. Learning from friends, coworkers, and internet references, I've learned to install a variety of hardware and to network both on a hardwired LAN and on a wireless network (including incryption). Along the way, I learned to troubleshoot Windows software, dealing with spyware, viruses, drivers, system slowdown, and a slew of other problems.

[statement about what I've learned so far, how I learn, and that i adapt really quickly. just coming out of college so i am moldable into the type of employee that a company wants to grow.]

In my free time, I enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee, Golf, Softball and Soccer. I love being on my computer and perusing the internet, watching movies with friends, cooking, and spending time with my fiancee and my cats. I absolutely adore photography, and take copious amounts of photos every month. Most are candid, but from time to time I do family portraits or graduation portraits for my good friends.