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I was looking for a web ring for UT graduates and/or students, and I was disappointed to find that there wasn't one.. I know that we as students have a lot of love and pride for our alma mater, so I thought that we should have a little place where we'd link together and also get more hits on our pages. I mean remember the football games, the classes, the professors (even the ones you couldn't stand), the parties.. So I decided to create one specifically for us UT system folks..

The requirements? You should say somewhere on your page that you are a UT student or alumni. I won't press this one, but I would appreciate it if you do.  Also, this is a group of sites that can be viewed by all ages. So if your page is rated above PG-13, sorry, this group isn't for you.. but if you're a UT system (Martin, Chattanooga, or Knoxville) student or alumni, join us and tell your friends..

So I know you are asking, what do I do now?

Here are the steps that need to be followed to join the UT Students and Alumni Webring:

Step 1: Register your site

Step 2: Set up html code on your page


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