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A little stressed. Results got deleted because I got a virus. This Sunday is the PPV, and my mind is racked! I will post a short summary of results tonight, I am sorry! PPV card is UP PLEASE RP! If I don't get a good result then I will do something drastic. If my roster doesn't care, why should we? I wanna send a message to everyone. UWF WIll got on with or without you all. I can't do this alone.

Superbowl Sunday! Results, Card, Threads are up. Thanks for sticking with UWF and making us the efed we knew we were. More improvements coming. Roster expanding. So if you want to keep your spot. RP!

PPV Results are up. Sorry for the Delay, Card is up, Threads are up. Wrestler of the month is updated

Results are up. PPV card is up. Lets keep on rolling!

Snow storm can not stop UWF! Results and Card are up....Good show Thanks Rich! Leave Feedback its always good. Deadline you know the routine...

Card and Results are up, Roster updated with our Four new stars including Jake Hibberson. After much thinking I have also decided to Merge the World and Hardway titles, until we gain more members we now have only 2 singles titles and tag titles. Anyone who was in the running for the hardway title at the ppv will now be wrestling for the UWF World Title still named the Hardway title though

Happy New Year to all. With the new year comes new signing's and unfortunetly, Releases.
UWF Would like to welcome "Mr.Ninja Warrior" Kengoro Sugamoto, "Tokyo Ace" Mitsuharu Nogami and last but certainly not least Ryo Marusaka. Yet with good comes bad. UWF has said good bye to Jason Myers. He will finish his match this Sunday and return full time to WWA, Also Will Nichols will be taking a leave of abscence.

Also, The roster page is being change around. It is currently under construction

Results, Card, Posted....Fixing up the roster to look a little more user friendly. Hope you all enjoy

I hope everyone had a merry christmas, Results will be up on Sunday, Please read the Announcement on the boards concerning RP deadlines. Thank you and enjoy your weekend.

RESULTS ARE UP! CARD IS UP! Enjoy the weekend Deadline is Friday at MIDNIGHT!

UWF has agreed to terms on contracts with Siven and Kurt Cornell. Unfortunetly Kurt was signed after the deadline for participation. He is expected to make his debut next week on Blood and Guts

In the late hours of the night, UWF worked out another exclusive contract with Tim Timmons, terms were not disclose but rumors have it he is signed to a short term deal similar to Goth. He will be placed in the Elimination Ladder match

The UWF would like to welcome "The Gift" and Jason Myers. Reminder ANYONE who is on the roster UP UNTIL NEXT MONDAY Qualifies for the Roster Elimination Match! Deadline is WEDNESDAY December 17th. Also After this first show Blood and Guts will be moving to Sunday's at 8pm with a RP Deadline of Friday at Midnight. More information on the boards

UWF has signed Phantom and Goth, Goth is signed to an exclusive 12 match contract extended over a period of time. Also we would like to welcome former WWA Champion Matt Starr!

UWF has signed contracts with Will Nichols, Danny Exodus and Asher. All making their debut along with the rest of the roster on December 19th at the return show live from Detroit Michigan

The first card is posted, please check it out under Blood and Guts its marked for December 19th. Plenty of time to get rp's up.

The much anticipated return is upon us! UWF has made its return. We have signed right now five handlers and when we reach ten the first card will go up. Every Friday night by 8pm est Results WILL be posted. Any questions please Email myself or any other staffer. All contacts will be listed on the CONTACT STAFF PAGE


Wrestler of the Month

Name:Tim Timmons 
Height: 6'6
Weight: 285
Finisher: T- Crusher


World Champion- Vacant
1:Tim Timmons
3:Matt Edwards
4:The Phantom
5:Ryo Marusaka

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