UYA: Young Actors, Actresses, and Martial Artists (Ryan Pinkston, Haley Osment, Kyla Pratt, Miko Hughes, and Wayne Dalglish)

Kids are amazing, and this site features talented kids in the areas of particular interest to me, film and martial arts. Working with kids in so many areas of my life makes me appricate the kind of abilities the kids on this site have, and thanks for coming to share in my appreciation of them!

Our old server NBCI shut down. I'm currently moving the site on to a new server, geocities, but due to lack of time to work on it, I'm only planning on keeping some of the pages online. I figure it's better to have a smaller site and be able to keep it all up to date than a huge site that never gets updated. Sorry if I took your favorite actor's page offline, but I'll see about at least puting the images back online if time and space allow. For right now, most of the site is still down as I work on moving it. For right now, all I've got up is:

Liam Aiken

Evan Bonifant

Wayne Dalglish

Matt Emig

Colton James

Lauren Kearney

Gemma Nguyen

Ryan Pinkston


Jacob Smith

Jake Strickland

Hayden Tank

Evan Rachel Wood

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11/8/01Added back Liam Aiken, Matt Emig, Colton James, Jacob Smith, and Evan Rachel Wood and a new page I've been trying to put up for awhile, Hayden Tank
9/28/01Brought the main page and the pages for Evan Bonifant, Wayne Dalglish, Gemma Nguyen, and Ryan Pinkston back online

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