Eric Dainty and his Harrier.His webpage seems to be down also.==sorry
Craig Hilgers Lerch (Skylark) VTOL              project===Link to construction site below.
Family in front of V-22 at     Brandywine Helicopter museum in Pa. Click on picture to take you to           more pictures and link to Museum webpage.
Don Incoll's XFV-1 Salamon ==== Don's webpage is down probably for at least the rest of this year.==sorry
Don Incoll's Grumman 698 VTOL              project=== His webpage is down ==sorry
Download screensaver,heli avi.'s ,heli  clip art and heli sound bits. from Bell Textron webpage. click on picture to take you there!
Doc  Watson's X-35B Joint Strike Fighter electric ducted fan project==link to his web page at side bar
Gray Gress's Gimbaled prop VTOL project==Link to site at side bar
New web page going up for the Full Scale V-22  "Integrated Test Team " at Pax River Maryland ==click here to go to the site. +++++++++
Joe Erwin's VTOL project ==link to site below.
Richard Glassock f has designed and flew this 4 engine vtol
Peter Curraey from downunder also has plans for this twin prop center engine vtol
Sam Tucka's VeeTol project. Link to webpage at side bar
Other VTOL projects and links
Personal Page of Larry Chapman
Welcome to R/C VTOL's
Links to projects
Sam T's project
I am constantly meeting new guys with new projects so stop back to see what is happening
Jon Pohl's XV-15