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2004 update
Tilt mechanics
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Haven't given up ,, hope to have it all together  shortly .The new Multiplex Evo 12 radio programing has taken longer than I thought.Not sure it is going to work now that it is in the plane as I am getting some kind of inteferrence when I hook up the roll axis gyro!!!!
It has been to windy and rainy here to fly it any way.I have another dual input / output gyro on the yaw axis this yr ...  so last yrs. crash   don't happen again!!
I added a MA carbon fiber tail drive to it for the cross shaft this yr and that is it as far as any real changes go.
New gray bird ready  !!!!
Airplane mode
Got the bird complete again and had it running this weekend. I am having trouble with one engine not pulling as good after the crash .
I am also still having trouble with the new radio picking up metal noise  interference ,it isn't bad but still worries me .I am going to take the loaded antenna off and try putting the  original  wire back on.It did hover again ,,but still not as good as last yrs.The MA carbon fiber cross shaft is working really good so far.
Link to transition video  04 bird
Here is the culprit,, seems the mechanic used the old bolts from last yrs bird and one fatigued more ,broke and fell out ,which left only the plastic tail boom type grips holding.When I backed out of airplane mode and let the rotors help pull the engine gearboxes back to heli mode the right side slipped back farther than the left one which explains the left tail turn that I couldn't control.Back to the building board!!!! Picture to left shows two pink lines that show the vertical axis of the two gearboxes.
06 update