I don't know how you managed to stumble across this page,
but hi and thanks for your feigned interest.
It's nothing special, I promise.
Don't take anything you see here personally...unless it's directed
specifically at you...which it might...so...cuidado piso mojado!
...i mean...be careful.

don't dig too deep into the whole scratchcard motif. I just like them.
Some might call it an addiction. You'd be addicted too if you won $219 one night



Who I am
do you really want to learn more about me?



Looking for too much information?
You can find it here.
You'll find it all here.


not really worth it.



They're not all boring.
There's always the engrish page
as well as homestar.


Did you know the scratch tickets in Massachusetts are so lame?
Match your numbers with the winning numbers and you win?

"You are home where I want to go."

check it out check it out check it out check it out check it out check it out check it out check it out

"And the book says we may be through with the past,
but the past aint through with us."

Last updated: November 20, 2004
Disappointed with the outcome of the Presidential Election