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Hi and welcome to my site! I will display some of my art over here.
Novembre 17th 2003
No more newness in the Animal section, I did add a new section to the Celeb page - Go there now to check out the new HIM page I did, filled with lotsa drawings of their frontman Ville Valo! Also some new drawings in the Celeb section itself.

July 20th 2003
lol well I guess I'll have to write here every once in a while as well. I'm going to update this site right now, so check the CELEB PORTRAIT and ANIMALS section for new piccies. Just added a counter as well, although Im afraid it wont need all the digits it has :P

April 12th 2003
Kind of finished it today!! Most of the stuff is up, don't forget to sign my Guestbook in the 'About Me' section!! Thank youuuu

April 11th 2003

Not much is up yet, site is still under construction n_n Feel free to wonder around, though!
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All pictures on this site are
(c) by Roos Blokker
Steal anything and I'll have to kill you :)
Everything on this site was drawn with an online drawing program called Oekaki. I've experienced it as a useful substitute for not having a scanner ^_ ^
At first, drawing with a mouse was like hell, I totally lacked the 'skills' I have with a pencil. But once I got used to it and got used to all the different tools as well, I found that Oekaki is the perfect way to draw online when you're not in posession of a fancy drawing program.
So, before you start yelling at me for drawing like this being simple, try it out yourself sometime. You might even start to enjoy it as much as I do :)
Last updated: Novembre 17th, 2003