Scandinavia 2002 -  The northern countries               



Let me share with you my impressions on a vacation I will never forget and take you for a voyage of about 5,630 kilometers (excluding the distance by ferries)

How to describe Scandinavia: clean, green, wild, untamed lands, reindeers, the Midnight Sun, wealthy, healthy and blue-eyed blondes people enjoying life. It is usually also describe to be the Europe's most unspoil terrain. One third of the land is above the Artic circle, where most of the Sami (Lapps) people live.

Sparsely populated, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway are also very modern and industrialized countries. Scandinavians have a high standard of living which make these four countries expensive for us.

English is widely spoken, so no problem to find your way around and learn about these countries its history and its people.


If summer means outdoor activities, Scandinavia is for you. So now just follow me in a pictural visit to Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.



Scandinavia in the History.

Scandinavia's history dated back stone age as rock carvings discovered mainly in Sweden and Norway tell us.

The second period well known is the Viking period which date between 800 - 1050 AC. We know for now that the Vikings were probably the first European to come to America by sea.

12th-14th century Valdemar's dynasty reigned over Denmark. Sweden conquered Finland.It is around that period that most of the beautiful wooden stave churches were build.

14th-15th century. Margrethe, queen of Denmark became also queen of Norway & Sweden. At the beginning of the 15 th century, Gustav Vasa take over the throne of Sweden.

In 1660, Norway & Denmark became a monarchy on their own.

In 1809 Finland passed over Russia until 1917 when it became independant  

In 1973 Denmark became a member of the European community and is join, in 1995, by Finland and Sweden.

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