As some of you may know already MAP stands for Most Active Player on RedHotPawn, the most excellent site for correspondence chess on the world wide web.  I am King Vaknso, king of MAP since 12/30/01...the world celebrated my innoguration on 1/1/02 (hehehe).
In recent days, however, my kingdom has come under attack from the evil
Rhymester.  I shall not fall from glory though.  The evil Rhymester shall be defeated as Rookie5 was not so long ago.
Coming soon a list of all my MAP War Knights.
HERE to see some of my knights in action.
Click on the banner to visit Rhymester's site.  View with skeptism as some "facts" on his site are indeed false.
11/25/02 Update
Jean (pictured left) takes Rhymester to the Red Hot Pawn High Court for "using my picture without permission."
High court to make ruling within the week.
"Prince" GenieJML has defected.  He is no longer heir to the throne, however, Vaknso states, "He will always be my son, but I shall defeat him along with Rhymester...HAHAHAHA."
10/30/02 Update
Click on chart to the right to see the latest of the
MAP War.
For the latest on Red Hot Ted click on any one of his pictures. 10/29/02 Update
10/26/02 Update
This is Bob.  He is a beloved friend to the evil traitor Rhymester.  Click on Bob's picture to see his adventures.