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Hello my name is Valery, I would like to welcome you to my own personal webpage. Nothing too exciting, this is just a place where friends can come to learn a little about me. This is my first page and I don't know much about making them so I hope you enjoy it.
My first cowboy hat, my Mom says I am well on my way to finding myself a cowboy.
This is Theresa and I at this years Men's State Meet as Ghetto Cheerleaders.
This is my best friend from home, Tiffany, and I doing the sight seeing thing while I visited her in England as she was studying abroad. This is Nikka, my pledge sister, and I at one of our many sorority formals.
About Me
I am a graduate of Utica College of Syracuse University, class of 2003. I am currently employed as a Therapeutic Recreation Specalist back home in Syracuse. I miss my college friends a lot but it is nice to move on into the next stage of my life, which at this time looks like more college. I am currently looking to enroll in graduate classes at LeMoyne college to become a teacher, a complete career change for me but I think it just may be for the best. Anywho, this webpage is mostly just a place for me to display some of the most important people in my life and to show off more about me.
My sorority