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These are my friends from High School. The people I can always rely on to be around to keep me company while I am home from school.
This is Tiara, she is by far the most unique person that I know. She is going to be the most hip journalist to ever come out of Syracuse. Right now I know that she is having the time of her life and making the most out of her time in Brooklyn. This girl was always meant for the big city.
This is Lemikas and Tiffany at our prom. Lemikas is the funniest person out there and is always a good time. I am hoping he has learned a lot more about life by now but this boy can definately "drop it like it's hot". Get him in a speedo at poolsode and you are in heaven.
Tiffany is my very best friend. Whatever she ends up doing after college I am sure she will be great at it. She is the only person I will ever be okay with beating me at putt putt. Hope this girl is living it up in Philly.
This is Rob, who is an aspiring actor trying to make ends meet down in the Bronx. Despite the fact that he is my ex-boyfriend, he can be a pretty cool guy.  If he ever gets to be a big shot then I hope he remembers me and that I could sell out to the tabloids. j/k We have had a chance recently to become friends again and I know we have both grow up a lot since high school days.
This is Laura, she is the person I have been friends with for as long as I can remember and the first to call me to go out. I can always rely on her to be my concience and to let me know when I am being completely ridiculous, but counting on her to call me back is a different story. I am happy to see the person she has grown into, even if we have grown so far apart.
This is Pete, who is a really great artist. Every time I meet up with him he seems to have a new project. He continues to get me interested in things I never really thought about otherwise and I like that about him. He has a lot of great stuff so if you get a chance, check it out!
This is Amy who I totally admire because she took a leap am moved to Cali to be with the guy she loves. Amy and I go way back and I will miss our girls nights and skipping class with her and Lau to watch the Price Is Right.
This is Matt, who is the bitch to Syracuse, NY. He is a great guy, who basically does anything that is asked of him in life. He is a really talented guy and I am sure that the city benefits by all the things he does for them. Although, he does kind of look like and Oompa Loompa in his marching band uniform and he sucks at Putt putt. Seriously I know he is always there for me no matter what.
This is Chris, better known to his SJF friends as Bitch Ass. Most of our high school friends have grow apart from him but I really admire him for taking the opportunity to really grow and be comfortable in his own skin when he started college. After all, the best part about going away is being able to become who you want to be.
This is Nate, the only person who could convince me to work at Johnny Rockets, and that was only for like 2 weeks. Surprisingly, he is still there and chose that over teaching. Hmmm
Well he is still my love muffin.
This is Leigh, I can never quite keep tabs on her but she is the first one to always let me know what is going on. Out of all of us, I think she has the best idea of what she wants and I have no doubt she will get it.
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