Greetings Students.
I am Catherene Night Poe, creator and author of the Vampiric Studies teaching site.

The creation of this site is to better inform and educate the general public as to the real world of today's modern Vampire and the environments in which they and we live.

The Vampiric Studies Web Site was also created so I did not have to personally send out each page to whomever wished to see it and so my online and in person students could have access to the Text Pages when I was not available to answer questions.


2000 -- February, The site was sabotaged and caused to malfunction, the passwords and identity safeguards stolen and changed so it was impossible to change, update or get into to fix problems. Pages malfunctioned, as did graphics. Pages would vanish and not be able to be accessed, it took many months to regain control of the site but we have done so.

In October 2002 the site was repaired and is functioning once again.

Our most recent update is 2005



I thank you all for attending these online classes.
We hope you enjoy Vampiric Studies.

Site readers' and students' questions related to the classes have been suspended for summer vacation of those who run and maintain the site. No email will be forthcoming from the site until break is over in September. At that time you will again be notified that mail is being answered personally.


Teacher Profile:

Note: Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, much of the personal information on this site has had to be removed for security reasons.

Name: Catherene

Professional name: NightPoe

Marital Status: Married to a Classical Vampire

Children: no children.

Catherene is a born Nighttimer (see the Nighttimer page on this site for an explanation)

Age said to be about 62 human years.

At time of this update, Catherene has been teaching Vampiric Studies on AOL and the Internet for the past 10 years.

Catherene presently teaches classes on Thought Projection, Psychic Self Defense, Guided Meditation for many subjects and many Wiccan Subjects. These classes are also on summer break.

Catherene was the first, and for nearly three years, the only person to produce and host her own local Cable Television Show dedicated to real Vampires. (The only such show in the world at that time it began)

The Show, called simply 'Vampyres', was carried by satellite to all parts of the world. 'Vampyres' was the feature of many national shows such as 'The Other Side', and 'Strange TV'.

Catherene has, herself, been the subject of national and international documentaries seen in Japan, Spain, Germany, the United States and England such as 'PAGE 9' and featured in England on the famed 'Girlie Show.'

She has made guest appearances on many local, national and news shows such as CNN, ABC, CBS, and national and international television shows such as 'The Other Side', 'Entertainment Tonight', 'TV.COM' and currently is mentioned in Catherine Ramsland's book 'Piercing The Darkness' as well as other such publications.

A brief note about Bandwidth:

The Vampiric Studies web site is hosted on GeoCities which is a service that provides free space for web sites. Because the site is free, GeoCities limits the amount of bandwidth a web site is allowed to use. Bandwidth is used up by the number of people who are looking at the web site. When all the bandwidth is used up, GeoCities will shut down the web site for a few hours (up to a day) and then re-open it again. This is what may be happening when you try to visit the site. If you wait a few hours, or until the next day, the links may be back online.

If you are still getting the message from GeoCities that the site has been shut down because it has exceeded it's allotted bandwidth, please email me and let me know which page seems to be causing the problem.


We strongly suggest you pay extra attention to the classes which are titled Real Predators and Real Hunters as you read the vampire classes provided on this site.

It may give you some insight you had not thought about before.

As ever,
Catherene NightPoe
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