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Heinrich Rittmeister
Kummer von Falkenfeld
Raising Rebellion Against the Russians?

Heinrich Kummer was born on 22 April 1852 in Pressburg.  In May 1894, Obst Heinrich Kummer was appointed to be chief of staff for the X. Corps.  He replaced Obst Artur Ritter Pino von Friedenthal.  He served in this capacity until April 1900, when he was replaced by Oberleutnant Stefan Ljubicic. FML Heinrich Ritter Kummer von Falkenfeld was appointed to lead the X. Corps February 1910, thus replacing GdI Artur von Pino.  Kummer was in this position for nearly four years, until he was replaced by GdI Hugo Meixner von Zweienstamm in January 1914.

He began WWI with the rank of GdK.  He was immediately given the special task of forming an army group with the intention of raising rebellion among the Poles in Russian Poland.  Army Group Kummer was formed in early August 1914 and was situated on the left flank of General
Dankl's I. Army and to the right of German General Remus von Woyrsch's Army Group (whose mission was the same as Kummer's). 

Both Kummer and Woyrsch invaded Poland, but were met with an icy reception by the Poles, who were not inclined to see them as liberators.  In spite of some brilliant successes over fierce Russian resistance, the mission to raise rebellion failed and Kummer's Army Group was dissolved on 22 September 1914. 

Heinrich Kummer died 8 December 1929 in Salzburg.

GWS, 3/02
Orders of Battle:  Polish Front, August 1914
Immediately preceding the invasion of Poland

Army Group Kummer, General der Kavallerie Rittmeister Kummer von Falkenfeld
          VII. kav. div., Feldmlt.
von Korda
          XCV. Landsturm inf. div., Genmj. von Richard-Rostoczil
          CVI. Landsturm inf. div., Genmj.
          C. Honved inf. div., Genmj. von Stolacz
The Rittmeister in his younger years; namely, as a FML in 1908