Birthplace of Andal and Periyazhwar also one of the 108 Divya desams

(The birth place of kothai (Andal) is the place where lord govinda resides)

was performed on 10,FEB 2000.Click on the link for more Details

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Srivilliputtur-a small town in the Virdunagar district ,Tamil Nadu is well known as the birthplace of Sri Andal a great poet-saintess of the Bhakti tradition.It is also home to one of the 108 Srivaishnavaite Divya desams-The Vatapatrasayi Temple.Additionally it happens to be the birthplace of Periazhwar another well known saint of the Srivaishnava tradition. This website provides some information about the above temple town-Srivilliputtur and other features associated with this divya desam .For quick access to the available information the website is divided into five areas detailed as under

Introduction and general information
This section provides general information about the Srivilliputtur divya desam and the importance of this temple town.Also included in this section are frequent updates about the activities at the temple

The azhwar saints of srivilliputur
This section has a few articles containing some information on the birth,life and works of the two popular Azhwar Saints associated with this temple town-Sri Periazhwar and Sri Andal

Andal and Vatapatrasayi Temples
Regarded among one of the holiest Srivaishnavaite shrines in India these temples at Srivilliputtur have a tradition of continuous unbroken worship for more than thousand years.Built around the 8th century the Andal temple and the periyaperumal (Vatapatrasayi kovil) built even earlier have a unique place among the famous temples of Tamil Nadu.Know all about its rich history,landmarks and more..

Other temples and subshrines
Associated with the Nachiar Thirukovil Devasthanam there are some more shrines and temples nearby .Many are significant landmarks having had an important role during periyazhwar's time and are also associated with visits of the Acaryas

Festivals and special utsavams
This temple town prides itself on an active and colourful festival calendar consisting of more than 160 festivals days in a calendar year and is also home to some of oldest traditions that have survived from Sri Nathamuni's time

[Introduction and General Information][The Azhwar saints of Srivilliputtur][][Andal and Vatapatrasayi temples] [Other temples and subshrines] [Festivals and special utsavams][A virtual visit to Andal Temple] [Picture Tour]
The Samprokshanam of Kattu Azhagar Thirukovil near Shenbagathoppu which comes under Nachiyar Thirukovil Devasthanam was performed on Aug 31 2006 (Thursday) between 9:30 and 10:30 am after around 81 years

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