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Not all of the sections in the menu to the left are complete, so the links may not be working. I will make them working links as the sections are completed.


New! - Photo Gallery

New! - Big News!! - In case you didn't know already (ie, you managed NOT to get onto our mailing list), I'm engaged!


Website Changelog

July 16, 2001 - New links to Wedding Page, and to the Photo Gallery Page. Just a few pics and blurbs right now about my trip to Toronto, and Red Deer Youth Group. More Toronto pics to come, as well, pics of my new kitty (Katrina).

April 18th, 2001 - The Catholic section has been completed. It'll always be a work-in-progress as I add pages, but you can go to it now and read what I have! Subsequently updated the Links & Credits page.

Also took down the "Fire Faerie" link... just not as fun anymore.

April 15th, 2001 - Checked the site statistics for this page today while I was at home for Easter and there hasn't seemed to be anyone visiting my site since January... That's okay, though: there's not much here. Still planning, tho; where else would I get my rants published but on my own site? Contact me if you would like an update upon completion.

February 26th, 2001 - Added "Fire Faerie" Icon and referral link. This is a fun site that can take up hours of your time if you're so inclined. Thought you might wanna' check it out.

January 19th, 2001 - Browsing around, I found myself back at my homepage - long neglected and quite out of date. As well, I realized with the new Statistics feature that Geocities has implemented, that people are still finding their ways here, and to my other pages... so I'd better at least give them something to see. I don't believe there's anything much more frustrating about web pages as pages that are out of date. So keep your eyes peeled - I'm seriously planning and working on this thing.

July 2000 - Major overhaul time. It's been slow coming since I've been recruited to work on the Empowering Citizens for Health and Opportunity Society page. That took a lot out of me, but I learned a lot. Now I'm back to my own page, and I'm ready to tackle it.

See what's been keeping me away from my own website