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My studio is in the backyard. I like
being surrounded by the garden
and hear the birds while I work.
If you come to Adelaide or live here,
I will be happy to show you around.
Ring 08 83553851 or e-mail me
to make an appointment.

A view of my studio from the house.
The 2 trees, which I had planted as
seedlings after I moved here, are quite
tall by now!

There are 2 windows and 2 sky lights
on this side of the studio where I work.
I use the other side for storage.

This is "Steffl", my 2m (6') working width tapestry loom,
( 2 separate sets of 1 m (3') shafts ) and repeat treadles
along the width. It is made from european hardwood
build by Eberl & Sons in Vienna, Austria 1974.
I bought it the same year and nearly lost it
through Cyclone Tracy in Darwin. With the help of friends
I received a big box the following year and have
enjoyed weaving with "Steffl" (the nick name for
Vienna's biggest Cathedral :) ever since.

This is a frame made for me by Ron Doley
which allows me to sew up the slits in the tapestries.
The beams have a simple ratchet, which allows me
to apply moderate tension to the tapestry and also
to move the tapesty down, as I work along.
I can use it for tapestries up to 2 m [ 6' ] wide.

If you want to see how I warp a loom by myself
click here

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