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Matthew Beyerl Thomas


Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow©
By Vernitta

Yesterday, Today 
And Tomorrow 
All mean so much to me 
And all can bring me sorrow 

Yesterday is a time of memories 
Some good some bad 
And some are the most 
Cherished memories I have ever had 

Yesterday my son was born 
I was so very excited 
He was a handsome boy 
In everything we delighted 

Today is bittersweet 
We find he is not well 
They say he has not much of a chance 
To make him better I would walk through hell 

Today my son will die 
My heart will break in two 
A family will be torn apart 
We know not what to do 

Tomorrow will be forever 
He will never be with me 
I miss him so I love him so 
I hate this eternity 

Tomorrow I will cry for him 
And people will say move on 
I hate those words of so called wisdom 
His memory is here only his body is gone 

Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow 
Memories are all I have of my son 
That is why sometimes
I am filled with such sorrow. 


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Midi on this page is: Mattie's Song
Custom made for him by: Whisper
Thank you so much Whisper. 

©Poem copyrighted by Vernitta