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9-11-01 was a day right out of a movie when Four planes are hijacked and And crashed in both world trade building,and the Pentagon. The fourth missing it target and crashing in the woods of Penn. This all Start at 5:45 am and will continue for weeks and maybe months looking for the demons that are responsible. All together there are 1000+ comfirmed death and fear lots more. The mayor of New York City Have asked for 11,000 body bags. This is truely a sad time. My prayers go out to the families who lost someone in this Tragic event in history.For more click on these links:

Aaliyah Dana Haughton

On Saturday Aug. 25 At 6:10 pm ET, Aaliyah private plane crashed in the Bahamas after shooting a Music Video. apparently Engine failure is the Cause.Aaliyah and 8 other passangers died in the crash.

Well Miss you and we'll never forget you Aaliyah.

Hey Everyone! I've added a new section...All jokes are copyrighed by me so no stealing j/k anyways i hope you guys like the SMG cursor, if you don't like it -tough :) well got to go bye

Hey everyone! I need your opinion, I'm Canceling the trip to China and Decided to Get A Car, A PT Cruiser for my 16th Birthday (guaranteed),but i can't Decided on a color so i putting a poll on. Be looking forward to your opinion.

New Movie Promotion, Check it out!
You thought it all ended in "Omega Code",
now Satan has incarnated himself in Stone Alexander
to make the Last Holy War Against good and fight for
the souls of man. The place is set, In Hebrew it is called MEGIDDO;

Well right now I'm starting to make different pages for this site. I'll add more pictures; put My studies of the prophecies (if anyone's interested), and add new add ons, but it'll take a little time but i'll have it up before August....right now I'm trying to find knew ad-ons. Well later


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