Hello. Welcome to my home on the incredible WWW.

Hello everyone. *S* I want to welcome you to my Lil Home Away From Home here on the net. My name is Caroline. Caro or Lina for short. *S* I love to chat in The Chathouse and have made many wonderful and special friends there. Join me as I show ya around this lil place I've settled into here on the world wide web. *G*
This is me. Old pic, but I've not changed that much. Just the hair color is subject to change without notice. Currently its er... platinum white & brown* *L*

This is a September 11th tribute page I've put together for J's computer class last year right after the incredible tragedy occurred. Hope it's good enough. God Bless Them All.

For a little bit about me. *G* I'm a married, 35-year old mother of 2 absolutely wonderful lil boys. *S* My oldest son was the center of my life and the 'apple' of my eye until November 13, 2003. This was the day that Trey learned that he was no longer "King of the Mountain". A Joyous occasion happened. Trey was joined by a little brother, whom we have chosen to nickname Ford, who tho 7 weeks early, our new lil angel is just like his brother and will be a perfect completion to our family. *G* Our oldest is now 9 years old and if you look at the pics page..you'll see that he's adorable! And more of a handful everyday! Oh, I know I've my work cut out for me, but with the help of my friends and family, I can do this! I'm not "that" old after all. *LOL*

I got married to a 'Yankee' from Michigan 14 years ago this January. On my birthday actually...*LOL* So anyway, I thought I might get two presents that way. Nope...*L* My husband is 37 and a greater guy you'll never meet. I always love to say that I married him for three reasons....his car, his buns and his Nintendo. *L* Well..we gave the Nintendo away, traded in the car and his buns are still an eye-catching sight. *VBG* Ok, I do love him too. *L*

We aren't planning on any more children, not that our newest member was planned either. *whispering.. ppppssst.. latex breaks.. believe me on this* *L* Actually, I see our child's creation and birth as a sign from God that I needed a new challenge in my life and this is what He chose for me... for now. *VBS* So, it's off to the Dr for hubby. *nods* I think I've done enough, it's his turn. Wouldn't you agree? *LOL* But all in all we are a nice little family and I hope you enjoy what you see. *S*

Some of the things I like to do are read voraciously, work in the yard, spend time with friends and neighbors, working as a room mom and of course chat online. And with our newest addition, I'm guessing diaper changes and round the clock feedings and all are back in my life for awhile as well. *L*

Time for an update of sorts? Or ya can just go the the Update Page? Things are going swimmingly I believe.. check out the page and see. *G* So..if anything dramatic happens...it'll be here..*L* I hope... Just go here to look at it..and sign that book too please. *BG* Thanks....

*G* My favorite chat hang-out is The Chathouse You can usually find me in the Wild West Wing. Normally I chat under the handle ~MM~ but have been known to change that with no warning. There is no telling who I might show up as, but I'm usually a friendly sort who will say "Hi" and try to welcome you in and make you feel at home. So if you see an unfamiliar name out there..be nice. *ggl* It just might be me. *L* And I have gone ahead and placed some of the picture handles I use on a page to let you get to know just what moods I am in when I get online some nights..*L* Bet you didn't know that I had so many did you? *EG* So.... be careful! *L*

I have added a page with some pics of the family...but mainly pics of Trey..*L* And gee.. seems I need pictures of Ford on here as well.. so here we go folks. Presenting... FORD! CLICK HEREto see what my lil man looks like. *BAG* And their page links to the one w/some actual recent pics of me.. and some old ones of J and I. *S*

I have also Finally gotten a page dedicated to My Special Friends. I hope everyone loves these folks as much as I do...they have been the greatest and have been a ton of fun since I met them here online. I simply think they are the very best of who is out there online on the WWW. *VBG* *HUGGERS&SMOOCHIES!* To everyone! CLICK HERE to find out who these special people are. Thanks. *G*

Ok.....maybe ya'll want to know just who I am online...these are a few of My handle pics. Tho, needs to be rather drastically updated. *L* CLICK HERE to see who I might be and you just might be surprised to see that it's been me all along. *L*

This is it ya'll! A place for the awards I have gotten....which of course freaks me out..*L* Click on the unicorn and it'll take you there..*L* Thanks...Hope ya'll will like them and try for one of your own. *G*

I also have ICQ. look me up under MM if ya want to get me on there....or you can just PAGE me from my personal communication center. *G*

Hey, I've got Yahoo Messenger along with ICQ and others. If I like ya and I know ya, I'll add ya. BUT, big word for only three letters, eh? But, I have to know ya. *L* Am I or am I not? Online that is? *L* Hmmmm Ya never know anymore do ya? *L*

Here ya go...neat lil place and thing I found. Click on it when ya wanna join. Is neat!

Here's my mood for the moment: The current mood of scarolina@arrow94.com at www.imood.com

And...here's the general mood of the internet, gee, go figure..*L*:The current mood of the Internet at www.imood.com

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Something else I've started doing is kinda silly but fun. I've found a site with virtual pets! It's called Neopets and I've got the cutest lil guy! His name is FastFlare...and he's a Blue Shoyru. Kinda like a small dragon. And ya'll know me and dragons. *L* Anyway...try it out..if ya want something to occupy alot of your time. *L*

scarolina got their NeoPet at http://www.neopets.com

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