Very Dangerous Beans.

I have now moved to

It allows me to have more pictures and there are no ads on it. My brother subscribed me to it as a birthday present.  I'll update files from here and put them on my new web pages when I get the chance. 'the 3 sacred gem's' and the pack have already moved so I've deleted them from here and put them on my new page.  I will do the same to the others here when I get the chance as well as including totally new pages.

Gem art  characters from 'the 3 sacred gems". Made while living in peterbough. 

current work: self expression. Made at RNCB while on ceramic's course. 2002/2003

current work: bowls, vases and abstract  made at RNCB.

more current work made at RNCB.

Sinai Desert Trek my first experience of the desert. Written in 1996 (text only) 

Iska's Autobiography. Written in December 2001 as if by Iska the rat who died April 2002. 

My life on the net - my views on the net. Including links to aall my favourite sites and message boards. (text only)

Ego hall - Photo's and facts about me.