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Thursday, the 2nd- Lewis and Clark play
Friday, the 3rd- URE Graduation
Monday, the 6th- minimum day
Tuesday, the 7th- fifth grade field day
Wednesday, the 8th- end of year class party
Thursday, the 9th- last day, pool party, minimum day, students picked up at TES!!!!!!!!!

Help!! We need magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens or Sunset to help us with our housing unit. Students are working on a simulation in which they are building homes for a family. They have been given a budget and different types of homes to choose from. Some of them will be also planning furnishings, color schemes, etc. We will work on these for the rest of the year, so please if you have any magazines that will help us to design our homes, bring them in. Thank you!
Calling all bankers, real estate agents, architects, developers, etc. Please come in and talk to us about what it takes to qualify, get permits, or buy or sell a home. We could use speakers to come in and tell us what it is really like to get a home built. Our simulation is based on prices in 1997. So a dose of reality would not be a bad thing, and we could all learn more! The students love guest speakers, and so do I! Please,  call the school at 434-5840 and we can set up a time that works for you. Thank you, Mrs. Vessells
Kari Dearie- June 3
Chris Apple- June 4
This is the last week I will be maintaining this website. This is our last week of homework too.
I would like to say that I have enjoyed having you as my class very much, and I have learned so much from you too. Thank you for being such a wonderful group of students. I am so glad that you are the class I am going out on. Because of you, I will bring fond memories of Templeton with me.
I hope you will also look back on your fifth grade year with fondness. I know you worked hard, we all did. I also know you learned a lot about yourselves and what you are capable of.
Never stop believing in yourself. Remember that knowledge is power!
Peace Out and have an awesome summer.
Mrs. Vessells