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Came to Port Phillip in 1842
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schooner 132 tons, Winter master, arrived 10 Feb 1842 from London 13 Sep 1841 and Cape of Good Hope, with sundries. Passengers Mrs Winter and Mr Jones


arrived 13 Dec 1482, ship, M'Neil master, from Plymouth 6 Sep. Passengers, Cabin Col Kenny, lady and 3 chn, Miss Blott, Miss Hains, Captain Dunbar, lady and 2 chn, 2 Misses Kaine, Mr Moore, Mr and Mrs Nicholson, Mrs and Miss Gallie, Messrs R and M Parnell, Dunbar, Mr Newton and son, Mr Hirst and Miss Ames. Intermediate Mr and Mrs Last, Mr and Mrs Reynolds, Mr and Mrs Potts, and three Messrs Hudson, 11 in the steerage. Campbell and Woolley Agents.
Dec 31, cleared for Sydney with part of original cargo. Passengers Mr and Mrs Darke and 2 chn, and servant, Mrs McNeil, TH Green, and 2 Masters Farnell and Mr Hirst, 7 in steerage.
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ship Capt Burn master, arrived 26 Feb 1842 from Plymouth 28 Sep 1841 to Port Phillip [assisted emigrant passengers] Images 215-221
Passengers Rev Mr Grills, lady and family, Mr and Mrs Stournton and family, Mr and Mrs Moore, Mrs Connolly and son, Mr Morris and Mr Adams. Intermediate 6 and 182 bounty immigrants


barque 396 tons arrived 2 May 1842 from Liverpool 9 Jan to Port Phillip Master C R Stevens. Passengers Cabin James Jackson and lady, Mrs Stevens 2 chn and servant, Messrs Rae, Thompson, and Jacks/Jucks. Intermediate Mrs Underwood and 4 chn, Messrs Greaves, Little and McIntyre, three in Steerage.
Departed May 1842 for Sydney


from Leith to Port Phillip arrived 17 Apr 1842, barque 393 tons, Captain Morrison master, from Greenock 26 Dec, Passengers Mr Brodhurst and Mr McDonald. 20 - 30 intermediate, 3 steerage. Surgeon Dr McEwan.
Departed 15 May 1842 for Adelaide

Jane Christie

arrived Port Phillip 22 July 1842, barque 251 tons, Charles Weymas master, from Leith 4 March, and Strommess 22nd March. Passengers Messrs Leighton, and Kerr, John Stewart in the steerage.
Departed 14 Aug 1842 for Sydney

Lady Fitzherbert

barque 386 tons, arrived 23 Aug 1842 from London 4 Feb 1842 to Port Phillip via Adelaide. Passengers Messrs Spencer, Bryant, Castwood, Aplin, and Wallinger
No deaths or births during the voyage

Lord Saumarez

7/8/1842 Port Phillip 1842 - arrival not recorded in Port Phillip Herald, or Melbourne Times
Reported 17 Dec cleared for London, Passengers Dr McLean, Messrs Brydon, Allan, and Atkinson, 2 in steerage


ship 703 ton, arrived 14 Feb 1842 from Greenock 18 Oct 1841 to Melbourne [assisted emigrant passengers] Captain John Hodge and surgeon Dr Thomas Smart Images 222-229
The ship's surgeon, John Patterson, reported:
The first case of the Fever occurred on board whilst the vessel lay at Gourock Bay on the point of sailing, and that during the entire of the voyage it continued to spread. 27 deaths took place from Fever during the voyage and 14 deaths after the ships arrival at Port Phillip, the mortality from other complaints amounts to 20 making a total of 61 deaths.
From Rootsweb 1841- Sarah Jane Black is 18. She leaves County Derry to travel to Greenoch Scotland with 7 brothers and sisters and parents Margaret and James Black. They travel as bounty on the "fever" ship the Manilus.
Reference: 4/4824 pages 240-7, 44 passengers die of Typhoid on the journey over, They arrive in Port Phillip on 16th Feb 1842 and another 17 die, Dr Smart among those who were ill while in quarantine. "Melbourne Times" Sat 23 Apr 1842 - at the end of the Shipping news, the Manleus was released from Quarantine on last Saturday afternoon.

Martin Luther

ship Swan master, arrived 9 Feb 1842 from London and Cork on 29 Oct 1841 to Melbourne ship [assisted emigrant passengers] 1842 [Feb 9] Have 3 fiche pages Images 192-199
Passengers Mr Coward, Intermediate 1; 192 bounty immigrants under Dr Coward

Mary Mitchieson

Arrived 4 Dec 1842 Port Phillip Briz, 271 tons, McEwan master, from London 11 Aug, Passengers, 3 in the steerage.


Oct 1 reported, Arrived 27 Sep 1842, barque, 560 tons, Capt James Ward master, from Liverpool 12 May and Rio de Janeiro 1st August.
Passengers Cabin - Alastair M'Kenzie Esq (Deputy Sheriff) lady, child and servant; Patrick Glissun Esq, MD, lady, 6 chn and servant, Mr and Mrs Duggan, Miss Eyre, Messrs Thomas OKell, Anthony Collins, Donald McTavish, Charles Fry and Robert Campbell Yuille. Mrs and master Ward, George W Russell and child, Mr Hacket
Intermediate Mr and Mrs Marshall and child, Mr and Mrs Burns and four chn, Mr and Mrs Donnelly, Mr and Mrs Powell and child, Misses Harriet Jennings, Frances Graham and Martha Ward, Messrs James Robson, John Favelle, John Ritchie, William Moore, Joshua and James Vogan, TH Davies, Thomas Howson, GD Murray, Henry Canning, Thomas Sanderson, William and Joseph Birkett, and James Alexander; 64 in the steerage. Heaps and Grice, Agents
Melbourne Times report of departure to Sydney with part of original cargo. Passengers Mrs Ward and son, Mrs Perrie, Mrs Eyre, Mr and Mrs Gilson, 6 chn and servant, Messrs Thomas O'Kill, and James Kalkeith, 5 intermediate, 22 in the steerage.
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arrived 13 Feb 1842, brig Capt Miller, from Leith via Falmouth 5 Nov and Cape of Good Hope 1 Jan, Passengers Mrs Miller and family, Mr Allan


arrived 22 July 1842, Wycherley master, from London, sailed from Gravesend 7 April 1842 [assisted emigrant passengers] 1842 [Jul 22] Images 250 Passengers Mr and Mrs Barnes, Mrs Gibson, Mrs Le Seouff, Mr Cameron, Mr W Gibson, Mr Byas, Mr L le Lievre, three Masters Curr, Mr Pullar, Mr Parton and Mr Leak. 13 Intermediate and 7 steerage passengers and 19 Bounty grants for Mr Dendy's special survey. James Caio Agent
Leake John Francis Surg S
August 16, Platina cleared, 302 tons, Wycherly Master, for Singapore via Sydney. Passengers Mrs Dole and 2 chn, Mrs Vaughan, Messrs Carrington, Dubois, Ebden, Hobson, Home, Lockhart, Rumbold, Smith and Snodgrass, two in the steerage
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arrived 9 Dec 1842, barque, 389 tons, Milner master, from Gravesend 22 Aug, Were Brothers and Co, Agents.
Posthumous arrival reported Passengers Cabin- Mrs Earl, Mrs Priddle, Mr and Mrs Iredale, 4 chn and servant, Mrs Haxtable, Mr and Mrs Wyatt, neice and servant, Mrs Murray, Lieut Colonel Gordon and two servants for Sydney,
Intermediate for Sydney Mr and Mrs T Iredale, Mr and Mrs Deering and child, Mr and Mrs Mereton and 4 chn, Mr and Mrs Griffiths and 6 chn, and six in the steerage.
Intermediate for Port Phillip Mrs McPherson and 3 chn, Mrs Jeffreys, Mr Brown, Mr and two Misses Dunsford, Mr White.
Dec 20 Posthumous cleared to sail for Sydney. Passengers Miss Gould, Mrs Milner and child, Mts Wyatt, Mrs Murray, Mrs Griffiths and 6 chn, Mr and Mrs Iredale and 4 chn, Mr and Mrs Mereton, Mrs Blake, Col Gordon, Dr Black, Dr Woollett, Messrs Blake, Wyatt, Priddle, Huxtable, Deering, Potts and Wooley. Intermediate Mrs Simeon; 15 in the steerage, with part of original cargo.

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