Under the Influence
Animal Magnetism and Mesmerism
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Home Lessons in Mesmerism
Great Importance in the Treatment of the Sick
Everyone should know the secrets of mesmerism and hypnotism. It is very easy to master its principles and it's important benefit to those who are afflicted and suffer great pain.

HOW TO APPLY IT - First learn the following methods and principles, and then when a person is afflicted, gently and soothingly place them in the hypnotic or mesmeric sleep, and the results of good sleep which will follow will do more to restore than medicine.

THE PHENOMENA - The phenomena presented by persons under the influence of animal magnetism or mesmerism are various, as well as the methods by which the effects are
produced. The former are classed under six degrees or stages as follows. The latter will be presented under the Different Methods of Procedure.
1.  The Waking Stage - In which the subject may, or may not, have been affected, although operated upon. It presents no phenomena, the intellect and senses retaining, apparently, their usual powers and susceptibility.

2.  The Transition Stage.-In which the subject is under imperfect control, most of the mental faculties retaining their activity. Of the senses, the vision is impaired, and the eye withdrawn from the control of the subject. This may also be termed the sub-hypnotic stage.

3.  The Sleeping Stage.-In which the mesmeric sleep, or coma, is complete. The senses refuse to perform their respective functions. The subject is, therefore, unconscious to pain. In this stage he can be catalepsed, and his mind automatically influenced, by whatever position his body may be placed by the operator.

4.  The Sonrnambulistic or SleepWalking Stage - Under which the subject "wakes up" within himself. The faculties become responsive to mesmeric influence, direction, and suggestion, the sensitive becoming largely an irresponsible agent, thinking, seeing and hearing only as permitted, or as directed, by the mesmerist. It is in this stage that the phreno-mesmeric and mostly all other experiments are conducted, whether deemed mesmeric or hypnotic. The lower
form of this degree is designated the mesmeric-psychological state.

5.  The Lucid Somnambulistic Stage - In which, in addition to the phenomena indicated in the sleep-walking stage, that of lucid vision or clairvoyance, (including thought-transference, intro-vision and pre-vision,) is manifested. In this state the patient is able to obtain a clear knowledge of his own internal, mental and bodily state, is able to calculate the nature of his or her disease, prescribe suitable remedies, and foreshadow the termination of attack. The patient placed in rapport, or in sympathy with a third person, is enabled in their case, to exercise the same faculty of internal inspection, diagnosis, and ability to prescribe and foreshadow the results of treatment.

6.  The Independent or Spiritual Stage - In this the patient's vision is not limited by space or sympathy. He passes wholly, as in the last stage partially, beyond the control of the operator.
How to Mesmerize
The Different Methods of Procedure
There are various modes for mesmerizing a patient. It has become a medical science, and it is well for every person to understand some of the powers and peculiarities of mesmerism. Let it be understood that each operator must have his special mode. Some will succeed in one way and
some in another. It is no slight task, and should not be taken up lightly. It is a matter of considerable study and complication.


Using his own words, ,"Once you will be agreed and determined to treat the matter seriously, remove from the patient all those persons who might occasion you any restraint; do not keep with you any
but the necessary witnesses (only one if possible), and require of them not to interfere by any means in the processes which you employ and in the effects which are the consequences of them, but to combine with you doing good service to the patient.

"Manage so as to have neither too much heat nor cold, so that nothing may constrain the freedom of your movements, and take every precaution not to be interrupted during the sitting.
"Then take your patient, sit in the most convenient manner possible, and place yourself opposite to him or her, on a seat somewhat higher, so that his knees may be between yours, and that your feet may be between his. First, require him to resign himself to think of nothing, not to distract his mind in order to examine the effects he will experience, to banish every fear, to indulge in hope, and not to be uneasy or discouraged if the action of magnetism produce in him momentary pain.

After matters are well adjusted, take his thumbs between your two fingers, so that the interior of your thumb may touch the interior of his, and fix your eyes upon him. You will remain from two to five minutes in this position, until you feel that an equal heat is established between his thumbs and yours. This being done, you will draw back your hands, separating them to the right and left, and turning them so that the inner surface may be on the outside, and you will raise them a little higher than the head; then you will place them on the two shoulders, you will leave them there for about a minute, and you will bring them down, the arms as far as the ends of the fingers, slightly touching them.

You will re-commence the pass five or six times, turning away your hands aud separating them a little from the body, so as to reascend. You will then place your hands above the head; you will keep them there for a moment, and you will bring them down, passing in front of the face, at the distance of one or two inches, as far as the pit of the stomach; there you will stop for about two minutes, placing your thumbs on the pit of the stomach and the other fingers below the ribs. Then you will descend slowly along the body as far as the knees, or better, and if you can without incommoding yourself, to the extremity of the feet.

"You will repeat the same process during the greater part of the sitting; you will also approach the patient sometimes, so as to place your hands behind his shoulders, and let them descend slowly along the spine to the back, and from thence on to the haunches, and along the thighs so far as the knees, or even to the feet. After the first pass you may dispense with placing the hands on the head, and
make the subsequent passes on the arm. If no results are produced in half-an-hour, the sitting terminates. and the foregoing process is repeated again. The desired results will take place at the end of the second or of some subsequent sitting."
COLQUOHOUN'S MODE OF PROCEDURE "If in the course of this process, the hands or fingers of the operator are made actually to touch the body of the patient, it is called manipulation with contact; if, on the contrary, the operation is conducted at some distance, it is called manipulation in distance. The manipulation with contact is of two kinds; it is accompanied either with considerable pressure or with light touching-manipulation with strong or with light contact. The manipulation with strong contact is certainly the most ancient and the most universally prevalent mode of operating"
CAPTAIN JAMES' MODE OF PROCEDURE - "lt is recommended that the mesmerist should direct his patient either to place himself in an easy-chair, or lie down on a couch, so that he may be perfectly at ease. The mesmerizer then, either standing or seated opposite his patient, should place his hand, with extended fingers, over the head, and make passes slowly down to the extremities, as near as possible to the face and the body without touching the patient, taking care at the end of each pass to close his hand until he returns to the head, when he should extend his fingers and proceed as
before. It is also useful, after making several  of these passes, to point the fingers close to the patient's
eyes, which procedure, in many cases, has more effect than passes. This simple process should be continued for about twenty minutes at the first sitting and may be expected to produce more or less effect according to the susceptibility of the patient. Should the operator perceive any signs of approaching sleep, he should persevere with the passes until the eyes close, and should he then observe a quivering of the eyelids, he may be pretty certain that his efforts will be successful.

ometimes slow breathing, or placing the hand on the forehead, will deepen the sleep; but the beginner should,as a rule, avoid concentrating the mesmeric force on the head or region of the heart, and confine himself as much as possible to the passes, i. e., the long, slow passes from the head
to the feet.  Should the above described signs of mesmeric coma not declare themselves at the end of twenty or thirty minutes, the mesmerizer should ask the patient whether he felt any peculiar sensation during the process, and if so, whether they were more apparent during the passes or when
the fingers were pointed at the eyes. By these inquiries he will soon learn the best method of mesmerizing applicable to each particular case, and he should not be disheartened if he does not succeed in producing marked effects at the first or even after successive sittings.

"Pain may be removed and diseases cured or greatly alleviated without the production of sleep, and many patients succumb at length who have for many weeks been apparently unaffected and proof
against all the resources of the mesmerizers.  Supposing sleep to be at length induced, the next and very important question is how to awaken the patient.

"With most sensitives this is a very easy process, for merely blowing or fanning over the head and face with a few transverse passes will at once dispel sleep. Should, however, the patient experience a difficulty in opening his eyes, then with the tips of his thumbs the operator should rub firmly and briskly over the eyebrows from the root of the nose outwards towards the temples, and finish by blowing or fanning, taking special care before leaving the patient that, judging  from the expression of his eyes and other signs he has evidently returned to his normal state. As a rule, the patient should not be left until the operator is perfectly satisfied that he is wide awake."
Animal Magnetism
What it is and How to Use It
I. MAGNETISM EXISTING BETWEEN THE BODIES OF MANKIND - It is rational to believe that there is a magnetism existing between the bodies of mankind, which may have either a
beneficial or a damaging effect upon our health, according to the conditions which are produced, or the nature of the individuals who are brought in contact with each other. As
an illustration of this point we might consider that, all nature is governed by the laws of attraction and repulsion, or in other words, by positive and negative forces. These
subtle forces or laws in nature which we call attraction or repulsion are governed by the affinity
or sameness, or the lack of affinity or sameness which exists between what may be termed the combination of atoms or molecules which goes to make up organic structure.

2. LAW OF ATTRACTION - aw of Attraction.- Where this affinity or sameness exists between the different things, there is what we term the law of attraction, or what may be termed the disposition to unite together. Where there is no affinity existing between the nature of the different particles of matter, there is what may be termed the law of repulsion, which has a tendency to destroy the harmony which would otherwise take place.

3. MAGNETISM OF THE MIND - Now, what is true of the magnet and steel, is also true from the sameness of their nature of two bodies And what is true of the body in this sense, is also true of the sameness or magnetism of the mind. Hence, by the laying on of hands, or by the association of the minds of individuals, we reach the same result as when a combination is produced in any department of nature. Where this sameness of affinity exists, there will be a blending of forces, which has a tendency to build up vitality.

4. A PROOF -As a proof of this position, how often have you found the society of strangers to be so repulsive to your feelings, that you have no disposition to associate. Others seem to bring with them a soothing influence that draws you closer to them. All these involuntary likes and dislikes are but the results of the animal magnetism that we are constantly throwing off from our bodies, although seemingly imperceptible to our internal senses.  The dog can scent his master, and determine the course which he pursues, no doubt from similar influences.

5. HOME HARMONY - Many of the infirmities that afflict humanity are largely due to a want of an understanding of its principles, and the right applications of the same.  I believe that if this law of magnetism was more fully understood and acted upon, there would be a far greater harmony in the domestic circle; the health of parents and children might often be preserved where now sickness and discord so frequently prevail.

6. THE LAW OF MAGNETISM - When two bodies are brought into contact with each other, the weak must naturally draw from the strong until both have become equal. And as long as this equality exists there will be perfect harmony between individuals, because of the reciprocation  which exists in their nature.
7. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST - But if one should gain the advantage of the other in magnetic attraction, the chances are that through the law of development, or what has been termed the "Survival of the Fittest" - the stronger will rob the weaker until one becomes robust and healthy, while the other grows weaker and weaker day by day. This frequently occurs with children sleeping together, also between husband and wife.

8. SLEEPING WITH INVALIDS - Healthy, hearty, vigorous persons sleeping with a diseased person is always at a disadvantage. The consumptive patient will draw from the strong, until the consumptive person becomes the strong patient and the strong person will become the consumptive.  There are many cases on record to prove this statement. A well person should never sleep with an invalid if he desires to keep his health unimpaired, or the weak will take from the strong, until the strong becomes the weak and the weak the strong. Many a husband has died from a lingering disease which saved his wife from an early grave. He took the disease from his wife because he was the stronger, and she became better and he perished.

9. HUSBAND AND WIFE - It is not always wise that husband and wife should sleep together, nor that children whose temperament does not harmonize should be compelled to sleep in the same bed. By the same law it is wrong for the young to sleep with old persons. Some have slept in the same bed with persons, when in the morning they have gotten up seemingly more tired than when they went to bed. At other times with different persons, they have lain awake two-thirds of the night in pleasant conversation and have gotten up in the morning without scarcely realizing that they had been to sleep at all, yet have felt perfectly rested and refreshed.

10. MAGNETIC HEALING - What Has Been Known as the Laying On of Hands.  A nervous prostration is a negative condition beneath the natural, by the laying on of hands a person in a good healthy condition is capable of communicating to the necessity of the weak. For the negative condition of the patient will as naturally draw from the strong, as the loadstone draws from the magnet, until both become equally charged. And as fevers are a positive condition of the system" beyond the natural," the normal condition of the healer will, by the laying on of the hands, absorb these positive atoms, until the fever of the patient become reduced or cured. As a proof of this the magnetic healer often finds himself or herself prostrated after treating the weak; and excited or feverish after treating a feverish patient.
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