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Curative Hypnotism
I. THE POWERS OF THE EARLY CHRISTIANS - whether natural "gifts of healing," or both, were intensified by the simplicity and purity of their living, and the reality of their faith. They doubted not, yet where they doubted they could do no miracles. The man who has "no heart" to relieve disease, or, having sympathy, has no will to do so, is either without the power to do good, or, doubting his power, is unable to use it. From such no "virtue" can go forth to heal. Where there is sympathy for suffering, the desire to relieve or remove it, and if he will to do so, the way soon opens up, and the suffermg is removed.

2. THE MOST POWERFUL HEALERS - The Most Poweful Healers have strong, healthy vital organizations, and are large-hearted, kindly disposed persons. The fact is, that persons with devitalized organi zations cannot make magnetic healers. They cannot give what they have not got.  A bankrupt should not bestow gifts - a pauper cannot give alms.
3. WONDERFUL SUCCESS - The success which attends certain wonderful liniments (which are often nothing more than simple oils and newspaper puffs) may be traced to the faithful carrying out of the direction- "Rub in briskly with a warm hand for several minutes." External remedies possessing valuable properties are always rendered more efficacious by the observance of such directions.

4. THE HEALING GIFT - The Healing Gift is more or less enjoyed by all persons. The large-hearted and intuitive physician, the mother, the nurse, or friend, whose presence is most enjoyed and whose advice is most desired by the sick, will have the gift in a large degree. Such gift, when exercised by goodness and sympathy, must ever have a wholesome and healing effect.

5. A MOTHER'S POWER - The weak, tender, and delicate, when the heart and head work together, can accomplish much, however. The tired mother, wearied with nursing, does not lose her charm to soothe. Gentle and tender, ever more thoughtful of others than herself, her diligent hands bring peace and blessing with them at all times. Her little boy, running from her side a moment or two to play, falls and cuts himself; his little knees are all crushed and bruised by the stones on the roadway. She lifts the child upon her knee, pets and rubs his knees with her hands, gently and sympathetically. She is only petting him and rubbing the dirt off, you say; she is doing more - she is throwing her love and life force into every touch, with the result that the bleeding ceases, and the pain is gone. Here the mother, without thought of mesmeric or hypnotic speculations, obeys her maternal instincts, and thus intuitively exercises "the gift of healing." Herein lies the secret of Curative Mesmerism, with this difference: the mesmerist consciously and determinately exercises his powers, seeking to accomplish by tried and approved methods what the other in a lesser degree, has brought about intuitively.

6. SPECIALLY RECEPTIVE - Persons suffering from disease  - diseases not merely confined to or classed as nervous derangements; are particularly susceptible to mesmerism. Apart from the desire, if any, of the patients for relief or cure, the departure from the normal state of health; renders them specially receptive to the influence of a healthy operator. Many persons, who in a state of health have been opposed to mesmerism, or incredulous concerning its power, have been among the first to seek from it the comfort of its curative influence which at other times they would have repelled.
7. NOT A CURE AT ALL - Remember, mesmerism is not a cure-all. There are diseases of such a character, arising from hereditary taint, constitutional defects, and organic causes, which can never be cured in this world, only you, as a mesmerist, should not say so. Give help when and where you can, according to your strength. So that in these, medically and humanely speaking, utterly hopeless and intractable cases you are not to refuse aid, seeing there are few cases where the mesmeric influence will not soothe and relieve pain, quiet the nervous system, restore sleep and strength in a large measure, and what is not to be despised, impart a cheerful and hopeful spirit to the patient.

8. IN CHRONIC AND ACUTE DISEASES - especially when there is a periodicity in attack, sleep is recommended to break that periodicity, and to lengthen the intervals between attacks. In all mental, psychological, and highly nervous troubles sleep is advised. When this is necessary, mesmerize by the long pass from head to foot; the patient being in bed, or lying upon a sofa, will materially facilitate your operations. You will begin to see the effects of your attendance by the improvement in your patient. When the patient "looks for you," is impatient for your visit, and wearies for the next, it is not a bad sign: it indicates your influence and presence to be refreshing and restorative in character. Good doctors and nurses have the same characteristics. If your presence or influence is in any way disagreeable to Your patient, and upon the third or fourth visit you are satisfied of this, give up the treatment. You can do no good, although another may. But do not give up a case simply because favorable results are tardy in making their appearance. Where your influence is not disagreeable, it is your duty to persevere and hope for the best. You cannot do harm, and you may do great good.

9. WHEN THERE IS NERVOUSNESS AND GREAT DEBILITY - operate from the head-back head downward, long passes at first, and then short passes; locally. If the action of the heart is weak, or palpitation is characteristic, breathe in upon it at the termination of each treatment. You will be surprised at the warmth and generous feeling transferred throughout your patient's organism in consequence. You can subdue the most violent coughing fit by steady and gently breathing upon the spine, just between the shoulder blades- of your patient-child or adult. So long as the clothing, under or upper, is not made of silk, the breathing; will
be effectual. The lungs should be fully expanded, the mouth placed close to the part, as near as the clothing will admit, and a steady strong stream of breath thrown in upon the place. The moment the mouth is removed, the open hand should be placed over the place while filling the lungs to repeat the operation, which may be done several times.

10. IN RHEUNLATIC AND NEURALGIC DERANGEMENTS - and ailments of that class, and in cuttings, bruises and burns, the treatment is often purely local - the passes following - the course of the nerves of sensation. In mesmeric treatment it is just as well to remember there is no need to remove the clothing under any circumstances, unless it is composed of silk or other non-conducting material. For economical reasons old clothing is better than new.

II. TOOTHACHE IS A COMMON AFFLICTION - You will have many opportunities of immediately relieving it, if not effectually and ultimately curing it. A very good and practical method of cure is to lay your hand upon the affected side of the face, and hold it there for a few minutes, and this prepares the face for the next movement. Then place a piece of flannel over the ear (on the same side of the head as the toothache) ; keep your hand still on the face, but now over the flannel, with the other band over the head holding the upper portion of the flannel (or fourfold ordinary pocket handkerchief,) over the ear. Now breathe strongly and steadily into the ear through the covering thus made. Do this two or three times, strongly willing the removal of the pain.  A warm, soothing influence will reach the offending tooth, and peace will ensue. At the last breath remove the handkerchief quickly, and the pain will be gone. A little success in this direction will enable you to try your hand at more serious business.

12. VIOLENT HEADACHES - even arising from bilious attacks; can be relieved in a remarkable way by passes. Stand behind the patient, who should be seated. Place your hands on the forehead. Keep them there a little, and then make short passes in contact, gently and firmly, with slight pressure on the temples and backward over the side and top head to the crown; then draw out and shake your fingers as if you were throwing water off them, and proceed again to make passes as before. In from five to fifteen minutes relief will be given, if the pain is not removed altogether.

13. IN RHEUMATISM AND SUCH DISEASES - in which pain is a marked characteristic, mesmerism "works like a charm." The patient is always pleased to be relieved of pain, and as
the pain subsides, his mental and physical conditions become more favorably receptive to your influence. If, ill treating a rheumatic patient, a pain is moved - say from the shoulder to the middle of the arm above the elbow - continue your treatment, and, instead of drawing passes to the fingers, endeavor to draw the pain down to and out of the elbow joints. If you are able to move the pain, if only an inch from its original position, you have control over it, and will be able, in due course, to remove it altogether.
The Growing Prominence of Hypnotism
I. AWAKENING THE INTEREST OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC - The extent to which therapeutic experIments in hypnotic suggestion are exciting the attention of physicians and awakening the interest of the general public, may be inferred from the fact that during the past year more than a hundred books, especially devoted to the discussion of this subject have been published.

2. EMINENT PROFESSORS - Dr. J. Grossman, editor of the Zeitschrzrift fiter Hypnnotzsmus, prints communications from thirty of the most eminent professors and physicians of Europe, giving the results of their experience in the application of hypnotic suggestions to the healing of disease. Thus Van Ceden and Van Reuterghem, of Amsterdam, report that from May 5, 1887, to June 30, 1893, in the institution under their charge, 1098 patients were subjected to the treatment; of these 28.28 per cent. were entirely cured, 23.69 per cent. permanently improved, 21.02 per cent slightly bettered,  17.81 per cent, unaffected, and in 9.18 per cent of the cases the results were unknown.  Dr. Wetterstrand, of Stockholm, has used this method of medical treatment in 7,000, and Dr. Bernheim, of Nancy, in 12,000 cases, and both express themselves strongly in favor of it. Indeed Dr. Bernheim does not hesitate to declare that the study of hpynotic suggestion should be made obligatory in all medical schools, and that nowadays a physician who ignores the physical element in disease and has no knowledge of the
part it plays in the practice of medicine is no better than a horse doctor, and should confine himself to veterinary practice.

3. ANOTHER IMPORTANT POINT - The number of ailments and morbid conditions that have their origin in the nervous system and are indicated by pain;" paralysis, and other symptoms
of hysterical, hypochondriac, or imaginary affections is astonishing. Although not all merely imaginary complaints, they cease with the removal of the cause, which may be effected by any change or scene banishing it from the thoughts, or by the disguise of a dose of medicine. In obstinate cases, in which the imaginary disease is firmly entrenched in mental imbecility, superstition, morbid appetites, and passions, inveterate habits, or abnormities of character, recourse must be had to hypnotism. That the great majority of mankind are capable of being hypnotized is shown by the experiments of Dr. Freiherr von Schrenk, Notzing, og Munich, on 8,705  persons of different nationalities, of whom only six per cent  proved to be entirely unsusceptible.
How to Ascertain the Susceptibility to Hypnotic Influence
I. PROFESSOR GRIMES METHOD - Let from four to eight persons stand in a row facing the company, all present preserving the utmost seriousness, each subject placing the palms of the hands together and closing the eyes. These circumstances are calculated to excite reverence, if every one is calm, and do excite it at once. If the operator will pass along the line of subjects and listen to their respirations, he will generally hear one or more of them breathing
in an unusual manner - a kind of a short spasmodic or trembling movement of the lungs. Now let him take hold of the fingers and he will find the very extremities of them cold, the coldness gradually extending up towards the middle of the hand. The pulse will be about a third more rapid but weaker than usual. The subject will occasionally swallow as if saliva or mucus is accumulating in his throat, as it probably is; the limbs are more or less tremulous, and the expression of the countenance serious and reverential. If you see one of the set smiling, you may know that his reverence does not yet predominate, for, if it did, it would manifest itself in his countenance. A beautiful woman, when entranced, has an expression of the face that seems
almost holy. "like one inspired."

2. THE SYMPTOMS AS THEY ARE GENERALLY EXHIBITED - We have described the symptoms as they are generally exhibited, but in some cases the manifestations are much more decided and extreme; the trembling is almost violent, occasionally, the subject turns extremely
pale and becomes faint, especially if his health is delicate. The operator should be looking for this, and as soon as he perceives it he should speak to the subject and tell him to go to his seat, and that he will feel well presently. Sometimes the subjects act hysterically, and the spectators and friends begin to be alarmed, but there is no danger. Let the operator be calm and self-possessed. If the subject is really under the mesmeric influence only, he will presently recover. If he does not you may be sure that some other cause produces the effect.

3. THE EFFECTS OF THE INFLUENCE - After a person is thus hypnotized he will do anything that the operator tells him to do. If he says "you can't sit down," the subject will try but he cannot accomplish it. If the operator tells him to see the beautiful stars or scenes in heaven, the subject under influence will see all and manifest great surprise.  The operator when his subject is once thoroughly hypnotized can do anything he chooses. He can make his subject write, make speeches on any subject he may choose to select. When the subject is to be awakened he must be directed to do so by the operator.
How to Mesmorize
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