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These links are arranged by category. First you'll find the OPERA LINKS, scroll down for the 3-D LINKS and after that some wonderful and unusual Web Pages will be found in MY FRIENDS' links. It will certainly do you well to follow the ones which most interest you. If indeed you see a page which you feel should be included in these listings, feel free to e-mail me and let me know what you'd think is a good addition. Also, if you'd like to cross link your page to and from this one, contact me as well.


Opera Notes and Mike's Miscellany - A wealth of information and entertainment. Site changes weekly.

Opera-L Pictures, Biographies and More - The home page of the Opera-L mailing list. You'll even find pix and a bio of me there!!

OperaWeb Home Page - From Italy. One of the most complete opera pages extant. Information, pictures and Opera Karaoke!!

Handelmania- My buddy Charlie Handelman's opera home page. One never knows what to expect!!

Parterre Box - For the dyed in the wool (or dyed in the hair) opera lover!

Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy Home Page - Did they or didn't they? See Sharon Rich's page to get all the, er, dirt!

La Scala, The Database - Search the La Scala archives by opera,composer, artist, date. Very helpful reasearch.

Callas Divina- The Official Maria Callas Page. For all of her admirers. Lovely!


3-D Stuff - My Friend Lincoln Kamm's fabulous page of Stereographic magic. You'll learn alot and enjoy plenty!

Cipher- My friend Mr. Jamie Drouin's web page. He's just about the finest stereographer around. Sample his artistic acheivements here!

Alexander's3-D Page - Another friend, Alexander Klein's page has great information for TruVue collectors and valuable travel info as well.

Shilo's Stereo-cyber-Scopic Secret Site - Shilo's 3-D work is one of the most entertaining you can find. See his chat area too!

3-D by Dan Shelly - Dan has loads of information and some beautiful work. He also has more 3-D links than you can ever get through.

3ddalia- Dalia Miller, the doyenne of 3-D can certainly get you stated in this fascinating hobby. Cameras, projectors, viewers and collectable images too. She's a love!

TheWorld of 3-D Imaging - Another fabulous Alexander Klein page. Want to learn? Want to see? Here's a great base for all stereoptic people. Go there!

Reel 3-D Home Page - Susan and David are the clearing house for all 3-D supplies. See their on-line catalogue! Its all there!

The ViewMaster Home Page - All things ViewMaster by Wolfgang and MaryAnn Sell, two of the nicest people I know. You can get much info here,and order some wonderful ViewMaster reels as well.

3-D Web Home PageThis is THE home base for all 3-D people, both the newly initiated and the advanced veteran. A plethora of information, instructions, images, links, camera info, how-tos and so much more await you here. More to learn than you can imagine!!

My Friends' Web Pages

Mr Murphy's Home Cam - Mr Murphy's amazing page. Lots of surprises here, and live Mr Murphy's life via his home cam! A talented radio producer,announcer,and theatrical set and lighting designer,he's also one of the Nation's formost Yo-Yo champions! Contact Mr Murphy for your Web Page advice, assistance and design. Or contact him asking about thatrical production. He's truly remarkable!!

Poor Tom Hits the Big Time - This is my friend Joey's page. You'll find music (especially Blues), items for guitar devoteés, and a fabulous display of Joey's off-beat sense of humor.

Elisabeth- Elisabeth has her own Web page. She's a working actress, and wants you to see her site. Click here to visit Elisabeth's Web Page! Here she is with her Daddy.

Marguerite- Doesn't have a Web Page, but she's Elisabeth's sister and got mad.

PLEASE NOTE:This web page could never have been possible without the help, advice, support and guidance of Mr.Murphy,the best pal you could ever have. You can visit Mr Murphy's page by clicking here.

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