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Latest Scores!!!

Allentown, PA August 7
Blue Devils 94.4
Cadets of Bergen County 93.8
Cavaliers 92.8
Phantom Regiment 90.3
Carolina Crown 84.6
Magic of Orlando 79.7
Spirit of Atlanta 77.0
Southwind 76.1
Pioneer 75.5
Tarheel Sun 71.7

Scoring Graphs for DCI Division I Corps

Top 6 graph for June

(Placements based on last year's finals)

7-12 graph for June

(Placements based on last year's finals)

Top 6 graph for July

(Placements based on last year's finals)

7-12 graph for July

(Placements based on last year's finals)

Scoring Charts

Cadets of Bergen County Santa Clara Vanguard Blue Devils Cavaliers Glassmen Madison Scouts
Crossmen Phantom Regiment Blue Knights Bluecoats Carolina Crown Colts
Magic of Orlando Spirit of Atlanta Boston Crusaders Kiwanis Kavaliers Les Etoiles Pioneer
East Coast Jazz Tarheel Sun Patriots Spartans Troopers Southwind

Score Breakdown

Top 21 Current Scores

Top 12 Scores

Overall Placement Matrix

Top 12 Brass Scores

Top 12 Percussion Scores

Top 12 Visual Scores

Top 12 Ensemble Music Scores

Top 12 Ensemble Visual Scores

Top 12 Total Ensemble Scores

Top 12 General Effect Music Scores

Top 12 General Effect Visual Scores

Top 12 Total General Effect Scores

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