What is the EVS?
(What the European Union has to say)

Why do people do EVS?

How did we become volunteers?

What do different people do in their projects?

What problems have volunteers encountered at home and abroad?

How are volunteers prepared for their time abroad?

Why Germany?

What will EVS bring you for your future?

Some important things to remember...

Read a newspaper written by EVS volunteers (German)

Lesen Sie eine Zeitung, die von EFD Freiwilligen geschrieben wurde (Infos zum Thema EFD auf Deutsch)

Take a look at evs-info.com, a site set up by volunteers & ex-volunteers in Germany (in English, German, French, Greek).

Want to know more...then go to the official EU EVS site....

Email us...the people who designed this page at EuroVolServ@hotmail.com
Email me, Robin (the Webmaster), at rob.clarke@gmx.net