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... nice to see you!

Well, guess it's time to introduce each other... here you'll find something about me and my life: thanks for passing by! Laura.



Laura Martelli "in pills"....
I live in Padova, Italy, but I still regret my beloved hometown: the wonderful Trieste with its beach and Carso...
I work as a responsible of a Service of job Medicine at a private health center in Padova
I'm 1.60cm tall and weigh 49kg, short brown hair with sun strikes, a handsome husband who's name is Sergio (keep your hands off of him!), two daughters who are as beautiful as complicated (who -by the way- think the same about me), whose names are Raffaella and Valentina respectively 21 and 13 years old.
I have 2 cats: Pepe "the philosopher", and the proud Bella. And I have a turtle, too...
Zodiac: Pisces, age: 49.


Not that much, any longer: at least until the day is of 24 hrs for me too... but I like sailing boats and I've done sailing athletics for 14 years!!!
I love the woods, where I usually hang out in summer time to look for mushrooms...
I love people, but only the intelligent ones, and I like to spend sometime alone to be with myself and my thoughts...


"What I think about life"
I will tell you so with a sentence from Scott Fitzgerald whom I discovered at the age of 18 and who now is the "life motif" of my way of living:

".............worry only about boldness, tidiness and order. Don't worry about public opinion, money and the past. Don't worry about being triumphant, and insects in general, to have fortune. Don't worry about delusions..............."

The most important thing for me - after my family-: People, their way of "being", the incredible things the ones I've known have sent to my very soul!


My virtual (and real) friends:
Piero First of all.... - and not so virtual - without whom I would not be here!!!
Sasa "sun-bright" as few;
Loren nice from the bottom of her heart, always ready to help friends but always aware....;
Ann so sweet yet so full of comman sense...;
Tinger my goodnight friend, thanks to whom a little sense of humor emerged, hope the lessons will go on... he loves my........ "dots"...........;
Adri686 who's long silence causes me sorrow...;
Fabriz my "Linus' blanket";
Pesticcio who will surely have an excellent career;
Ramon all my best whishes for your "public purchase" management system.... :);
Alo2121 who fights with health and security plans;
Padrino1 the one who corrects my english, and the one who writes me most e-mails.... who now is on a holiday and I can't hear...;
TheCastle who now is having fun on the lake;
Ricky who maybe I'll meet at the Ledro lake;
Roby0462 to whom I wish all the luck he needs......;
to say nothing of... Tree123, Corvo Rosso, Max : 2yam2, italian bob , Aldo , Alex , Antonio,  Fede73c e Stef, Stefanoitaly , IFpe , Ibtass , Kendra1717, Toi, Reed, Milbert,, Comet (so he won't leave me on the pile-dwellings...), and all the ones who I can't mention right now....
..and finally Cobra who has been the first to capture my attention in chat, the little queen of hearts, so unforeseeable who's helping me saying all of this to you.... to her goes a "thank you" said with the heart!


Music I listen to:
Lucio Battisti - Claudio Baglioni - Roxette - Otis Reding - Bob Dylan - Whitney Houston - Alanis Morrissette .


My favourite Links:
   Alanis Morissette's Reprise Records page
   Alanis' links page


...that's all, folks!

Maybe, if you happen to come back again, you might see some pics I'm planning to share in the Net... never say never! "Ciao", hope to see you again! Laura.

...I forgot... [ lier me: I intentionally left this at the end... :)]
Email me!Email Laura, or Write my GuestBook wanna write my Guestbook?... ... or read my friends' comments.
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