Recital at YMS
(comments by Ms V. Goh)

Congratulations to all the groups who were brave enough to perform at the first X.MosYo public event!  Thanks also to all those who worked (under stress) to make it  a reality.

¡§I  hadn¡¦t performed for  8 years¡K¡¨.  ¡§I was nervous¡K.¡¨. ¡§We had one rehearsal¡K.¡¨ Confided some of the performers.  Nevertheless, the programme was varied and the programmed order was well-balanced, in terms of varying styles and periods.

For the amount of rehearsal time out in and  the ¡§stress¡¨ that some people claimed they were under at  work, the  standard of performance was commendable, and in some cases, even excellent.  All groups made much effort to make good ensemble playing their priority.  They were all technically up to the mark, much effort was also made at musicality and correct style.

However, the only group that seemed to ¡§move¡¨ with the music, was the group that played ¡§Por Una Cabeza¡¨ by Carlos Gardel, a delightful foil to the other heavyweight items.  Also I really wished that there had been a presenter to fill in the silences in between the items, so that the whole concert could have had more "flow", and the audience could have been enlightened on the composers and what to listen for in the piece ahead.

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Recital Repertoire