Photos From the Speyrer Family Reunion
Album 5

Gene Speyrer and Ernst Lammering discuss some of the finer points of the German language.

October 12, 1996. From the left, Ernst Lammering, Gene Speyrer and Father Jules C. Speyrer

October 12, 1996. The Jules C.Speyrer Center in Basile, Louisiana. On the middle left of the photograph, Father Jules Speyrer is informing the reunion attendees about the planned activities for the day.

In the foreground with his back to the camera is Dominique Speyrer, son of Elie Speyrer, who came from California to attend the family reunion.

Waiting to enjoy some fine cajun cuisine at an area restaurant are Rev. Jules C. Speyrer, Alice S. Lazaro, Doris Courville and Ernst Lammering.

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