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Its almost April. That means its almost time for Spring Break or MCAT's, depends who you ask. Well for my first Spring Break I hope to enjoy, I'm jet setting it to the country of Hong Kong. I plan to visit the city of Kowloon and take in some sites as well as some shopping (cheap DVD's anyone). When I get back I guess I'll have a ton of pics to post.

The theme this month, c'mon take a wild guess. Give up its "Easter"! A religious and fun holiday for all. Some like the candy and some like the religious aspects behind this special time of year. Whatever your preference, run with it. I personally liked the candy part when I was younger, but now I kind of let is just past me by. Hope you enjoy it, whatever you do.

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Well thats the end of my thoughts for this month.

Until next time, don't be a stranger to me or my many email addresses:

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