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Welcome to my homepage. I'm fortunate to have a lot of fun paying the bills by consulting on IT related business matters. Current areas of interest include the use of emerging technologies to support the capture and reuse of an organisations experience; the changes taking place in the delivery of services by government (and hence in our relationship to the state); and the many 'soft' change issues that result. The rest of my dosh, time & energy goes on making music and pursuing art, architecture, France (particularly the organs of Cavaillé-Coll, Norman architecture and wine & food - plenty of garlic and cheese that smells of old socks), social justice, the lovely Mary (a singer & pianist) and unfine wine & beers. .

The picture is of the organ of St Omer in northern France. I'm using it as a substitute for my real favourite which is the 1885 instrument in St Etienne in Caen. You may also have spotted I'm quite keen on words and their sounds and I am collecting a whole set of definitions. They include maieutic and yes I did look for an alliterative word beginning with M!

I hope these pages provoke some thoughts and ideas and help you to form your own (which is what maieutic is all about).

Some sources & provocations

Some of the strange words I've collected
A recent copy of my links

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