Mac Designs, etc.
ICQ X Patch 2.2 [New! 11/11/00]

A clean and polished GUI patch for ICQ 2.0b1.

Greenland MALT Skin

A skin made for use under MacAMP Lite 1.5 or later.

SGI Soundset 1.0

A Full Featured Soundset for use under Mac OS 8.5 and later.

SunShine MAMP Skin

A skin made for use under MacAMP 1.0 or later.

iCab Platinum Module 2.0

An Icon Set for use under iCab Preview Release 1.7 or later.

Mac Desktop Pictures

A Collection of Desktop Pictures for use on the Mac.

OmniPage Pro Platinum

Change the Appearance of OmniPage Pro 8.0 for the better.

Mac Designs, etc. features freeware GUI elements, and additions by Mariel Lohninger that change the way you look at your Mac. Although all products are freeware, any funds are greatly appreciated and will result in further time invested producing these little goodies.
. NEW (11/11/00) Introducing ICQ X 2.2 - an appearance patch for ICQ 2.2a. Check it out!
NEW (10/12/00) Introducing ICQ X 2.0 - an appearance patch for ICQ 2.0a1. Check it out!
NEW (05/25/00) Introducing ICQ X - an appearance patch for ICQ 2.0b1. Check it out!
NEW (02/04/00) I've released iCab Platinum Module v.2.0, featuring many iconic improvements, better support for the latest iCab release, and overall, the most polished release yet. Available as of today, packaged using the ingenious Apple SMI file format.
NEW (10/29/99) I have posted two of my personal dark room projects online as exclusive desktop pictures in three different resolutions. These pictures are © 1999 Mariel Lohninger and may NOT be posted anywhere else without my written consent. I'm posting this warning, because the images have not been copyright tagged (like all my other dp's), so you won't have to see my name on your desktop, like many dp's usually do. I do hope you enjoy them!
NEW (10/24/99) I have re-released the iCab Platinum Module as an Apple SMI file. I also fixed a minor bug in the read me that cause some confusion.
Everything ©1999 Mariel Lohninger. None of the products available on this page may be distributed elsewhere without my written consent.