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A Collection of VP's Rhyming Poetry

The following is a Collection of my Original Rhyming Poetry and the stories  which motivated their Conception.

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The Rhyming poetry on this page was inspired by many different situations, friends, events, and observances that have occurred in my life.  A majority of my rhymes are inspired by emotion, I found that I had a uncanny ability to Rhyme after falling in Love.  Therefore, you will find alot of Rhymes about Love ( and some about Hate).  All of these Rhymes with the exception of two were written in less than 15 minutes, the good ones just happen.  I can put together a Rhyme about any subject, but the best ones you find here are motivated by strong emotion. I hope you enjoy my Rhymes and have a good time reading them! Thanks for visiting my Page!  VP

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All the rhymes on this page are copyrighted originals written by the Viking Princess and may not be published or used without express written permission.