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Folks, if you are craving more draft info, this man will deliver. The sites he lists will no doubt supply you with evertything you desire. He is the king of draft related links.












Sleeper of the Week
Jason Glenn, OLB Texas A&M. Leader of the Aggies "Wrecking Crew" defense. Won the "Heart" award by vote of the players and also won defensive MVP honors. Was on his way to a tremendous season before injuring his knee. Very aggressive and quick to the ball. His production before injury was outstanding: 16 tackles for loss, 5 sacks, 3 interceptions, and 15 pass breakups. Yes, 15! Brother of the Jets' Aaron Glenn. Has a knack for rushing the passer well on nicely timed blitzes around the corner. His knee is said to be getting alot better and he should be ready for training camp


Updated on 4/19/01

Post Draft
A full wrapup will be up later this week.
Meanwhile, check this out. I found a nearly 10 minute video on Bennett that will blow you away. If you thought the highlight reel seen during the draft coverage on ESPN was impressive, wait until you get aload of this. Six minutes + is a sitdown interview. Look in the "video vault" after Clicking here.

I am absolutely honored that my friend, Dave Te Thomas, has given me the opportunity to host some of his vast draft material on my site. If you want to read expert analysis from a real life scout and the head of a scouting bureau, click on the wood button to the left or right here.

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