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Current transcript count: more than I can shake a stick at

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Winamp 2+ skins:
Sui 1 characters: Gremio, Odessa, Pesmerga and Yuber, Tir, and Viktor
Sui 2 characters: Anabelle, Clive (1) (2), Flik, Klaus, Lebrante, Luc, Luca, Oulan, Seed, Shu, and Sierra
Sui 3 characters: Albert, Barts, Caesar, Cecile, Jeane, Koroku, Lucia, Nadir, Nash, and Queen

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Current fic count: 5 complete, 2 incomplete, 3 coming soon

parodies & silliness

parody fic
title summary warnings
The Song of the Sabbu extreme silliness in praise of big, beefy ukes yaoi
Only One a scene early in Suikoden 2 comes to a different end crossover, minor spoilers up through the Greenhill scenario
Isn't she cute? a slight change to one of Suikoden 2's flashbacks none

parody pics
title size summary/warnings
Yuber Easter Parade! 45K Based on Yuber's appearance in Suikoden 3
Deep thoughts... by Caesar Silverberg 39K Caesar's shirt made me abuse official art.
Suikoden card captions - Official art, snarky captions

title summary/warnings
Separated at birth? Leon Silverberg's long-lost twin discovered


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