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The Happy Birthday Jason Isaacs book did not go too well as I thought. But as all I do hope Jason had a great birthday. If you have any ideas to bring to this site then please feel free to drop an e-mail.

Soon there will be more pictures and more links. I need more links of unoffical, unlisted and official sites of Jason.

If you think I could improve this site in anyway please feel free to let me know via the guestbook or e-mail
There will be more pictures of Jason coming soon.
This site was designed dedicated to Jason Isaacs, a one of my favourit actors. I have my insparations from a personal friend of mind who has designed a site dedicated to Will Mellor. My inspirations also come from Mr. Isaacs himself.

Jason Isaacs is not a biggest of a celebrity star but he has had played a part it many films, he has mostly played small parts in many of his films and apperiances but has played a major role of a villain in few of his films like The Patriot as Col William Tavington and the second film of Harry Potter as Lucius Malfoy, Draco's father and now Mr. Darling and Hook in Peter Pan.

I admire Jason because of his acting talent. I think in many of his films he creates a different personality for his character in role where as many actors will use the same personality in the way they see the character. I also think that he does play a good villain.

If any of the links on this website do not work please e-mail me and let me know. Any other information you wish to know again send and e-mail.

Come on people. Nearly 60 people have visited and no one signed the guest book. Where are you all at? Please don't forget to sign the guestbook. Thank you.
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